Why Long Term Mutual Attraction Prevails Over Physical Beauty

how people are attracted to each otherWe in this civilization think that we know everything, that every detail from every angle is now covered when it comes to human behavior. That the beauty of an individual and their physical match is just natural evolution. This begins with courtship in high school.

It’s thought that the male species will naturally strut and preen, they clobber their peers over the head, this to mark their territory and indicate superior genetic constitution. Based on this perception, the females will take note and believe this to be true.

All this in the attempts to continue mankind, civilization, to prolong a healthy gene pool. Most will find mates who are similar to them, this in the likelihood of producing strong attractive handsome pretty kids.

Initially, what appears secondary is the ability for the male to be a good provider, as the core intent appears to be to just prolong and reconstruct the next generation.

Me Strong You Pretty
It becomes easy to understand the instinctive nature of why a potential male mate needs to be strong, handsome, and vigorously appealing. This because then their offspring will have a better chance of survival.

Why is beauty such an important trait in the animal world. Is it because of the evolutionary pressures that gets in the way, and as a result, we as humans will go to the ends of the earth to look as handsome or as pretty as possible.

Our standards, when it comes to beauty isn’t arbitrary. What contains in the genes of the beautiful does greatly impact health and viability, which results in physically perfect symmetry to the face and the figure of the body.

But everyone isn’t born perfect. There are always slight genetic defects which leads to minor physical irregularities, such as: protruding ears, a nose too long or too big, a crooked smile forced by uneven teeth, obesity. These the indications of subtle deficiencies which deflects perfect physical beauty.

Is Beauty Just Symmetry And Proportion
So what’s the perfect portrait of a beautiful person. What makes them appear distinctive and beautiful. Based on a survey, it was found that physically attractiveness was having features which were considered “average.”

So to be considered to have a beautiful face, the nose is of average length, the eyes, ears, and mouth are just average, all of the main features of the face being completely in proportion with each other.

So does this conflict with our understanding of beauty, that to be beautiful, one must have extraordinarily features such as deep set eyes or pouty lips. For someone to be considered attractive, like a movie star, are they instead just variations of average features.

How Much Does Appearance Really Matter
It’s reasonable to think that a person is initially attracted to someone because of their appearance, so attractiveness does matter. Once a woman and a man see each other for the first time, what’s not revealed however is their character or personality.

This the reason why the most successful of relationships relies beyond physical appearance alone, and why two people can and will fall in love with anyone, regardless of how they look.

Does First Impressions Count
Once two people first see each other in a crowded room, the first impression, how attractive that the person is taken into account. What’s also noted is how well they’re dressed, and how they conduct themselves in a social setting.

What these indicators do is they reflect distinctions about their education and their class standards. There was once a time when well educated women wore less makeup, for instance.

What the design, trend, cut, and color of clothing that someone happens to be wearing indicates the way that the person thinks about themselves.

Is that person nervous or relaxed, too formal and stiff, aloof, are they self-conscious about themselves. Do they care about their appearance, how they strut. So the initial appearance, their aura, does give important clues on who that person is.

We Are Who We Choose
It always doesn’t mean that the best looking most attractive of individuals are the one’s most likely to survive, that they’re always the most desirable of people. That the prettiest or the most handsome are wanted the most.

Everyone has an opportunity for a successful relationship. Most people have developed certain idiosyncrasies of taste, so that no one person is attractive to everyone, even the most popular of movie stars aren’t always universally admired. It comes down to taste.

Someone who just appears plain or average, can appear more attractive to others, than to someone else. Although nature does set some guidelines, constraints on what’s attractive, and it’s found that most people will fall within these boundaries, thus all having similar experiences.

So within these “guidelines” of what beauty is, it’s found that some are considered attractive by some, while not that attractive by others. True beauty then indeed becomes in the eye of the beholder.

The Gauge Of Personal Attraction
Personal attractiveness can’t and shouldn’t be measured by just looking at a photo, or by judging someone at first glance. What intervenes instead is the personality of the person which always prevails.

It’s well known that someone can become more attractive over time. This because if they spend more time with each other, their minds begin to synchronize, and they become more open and direct with each other.

They’re a lot more comfortable, more responsive and will listen better. They’ll become more attentive of their appearance, begin to dress and groom better for each other.

They begin feeling better mutually about themselves, more confident and suddenly appear a lot more interesting. The initial awkward gaps of silence are now welcomed.

These the qualities of mind which overshadows the minor variances in physical appearance, which one may think of initially as what constitutes physical beauty. These the reasons why someone falls in love with another person who’s more beautiful, or not as attractive as them.

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