Why Juice Fasting Is The Healthiest Way Of Losing Weight

why juicing for losing weightJuice fasting is considered the best way to detox the body, lose weight while retaining all the nutrients, while increasing ones overall energy which stabilizes the mind. What fresh juicing provides are concentrated vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes, direct from the source.

Juicing solid fresh fruits and vegetables to liquid form offers a quick and digestible way of providing similar nourishment as eating the produce itself in its raw purest form to extract the maximum health benefits.

The advantage being there are various recipes which provides different tastes and textures. What we live in is a world of extremely quick fixes to cure all the endless battles that we face, this when attempting to get healthier while losing weight as fast as possible.

Your Bouncing Metabolism
Up and down it goes, your metabolism is forced to bounce from a stop, to a crawl, to suddenly moving at light speed. We’re constantly dwelling about how many celery sticks we need to eat, which vitamin pills to take, while counting the exact calories we digest during every meal, then we jump on our exercise bikes to burn it off.

This the reason why some will turn to juice fasting as a way to get off the roller coaster that’s dieting, and realize immediate results quicker. It’s a safe natural and effective way of losing weight as juicing benefits the entire body instantly.

The Benefits Of Juice Fasting
• Your physical well-being and mindset instantly improves as the body begins to naturally flush out toxins and excess fat
• Your mind begins to benefit as fasting creates calmness, which brings better mental clarity while giving you the power to control your senses
• You’ll begin to lose weight naturally as your self-esteem improves, setting you up to a potential life altering experience, this by connecting and balancing out your life

Weight Loss And Juice Fasting
The juice fasting process is an excellent method of shedding extra poundage, especially when you’re in a hurry. What happens during the fasting process is that your body uses its own stored resources while simultaneously cleansing.

When there’s a healthy combination of juices which are squeezed from farm fresh fruits and vegetables, if pureed properly, what it does is it retains all the essential vitamins and minerals directly from the source, and then it injects and stays in your body.

Since the primary source of nourishment during the fasting process is liquefied, it then becomes imperative that they retain the maximum amount of vitamins, enzymes, and other valuable necessary nutrients which are available from the fresh produce. This begins with a good juicer.

The Problem With Juicers
The issue is that most of the juicers on the market which processes the fresh fruits and vegetables, their method of grating destroys most of the nutrients which are found in the food source.

The best juicers are those where the food is processed in a way that it still retains as many of the essential nutrients and enzymes as possible, so a high quality juicer is recommended.

How Juice Fasting Detoxifies
Juice fasting is considered infinitely better than any other detox program on the market, as what they’ll literally do is starve the body of nutrients. What juice fasting does is it replenishes the body with the nutrients of the produce, while repairing the chemical imbalance.

Juice fasting for detoxification allows the organs of the body to purify and revitalize themselves. All the major organs then begins to function better, which results in better digestion of food which produces more natural energy.

Effective Ways Of Juice Fasting
Before starting a juice fasting program, it’s recommended you prepare your body a week or so prior. Begin by completely cutting out or reducing caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, and wheat. The ideal diet before fasting should comprise mainly of fruits, vegetables, and beans.

If it’s your first time fasting, it’s advised that you initially limit it to three to four days. Often, strictly abstaining from solid food entirely can prove to be too much. It’s also recommended to eat the occasional solid fresh fruit or vegetable during the fasting period.

Juice Fasting Recipes
To begin juicing, if you’re not able to make your own, you can try any of the varieties which are available from the local health store, obviously, the fresher the better.

But if you’ve invested in a high quality juicer which retains the nutrients, make sure that you mix anywhere between 1 to 3 parts of purified water with your juice of choice.

Listed are a few tasty nourishing recipes:

Just Heavenly
1 sweet potato
2 carrots
2 apples
1 Spanish onion thinly sliced
A pinch of Dulse powder

This for endurance and energy

Runners Paradise
1 small yam
3 oranges
2 pears

Juice together with a bit of crushed ice. Provides a great energy fix for runners

Red Ice
1 sweet potato
1 beet
1 lemon
1 garlic clove
2 apples
1 tomato
1 Spanish onion thinly sliced
1/2 can of frozen apple juice concentrate

Sit back and enjoy!

The Miracle Of Juicing
Juicing is the result of pure solid foods which are turned into liquid, while the juicer is able to retain most of the health benefits of the food values.

What you’re giving yourself is a natural source for losing weight, which nourishes the body with pure vitamins and minerals, all elements which most conventional diets or a vitamin pill can’t.

As a result, juicing is infinitely better than any “fad” diet on the market, which will just deplete and starve you out. It’s also an excellent way of removing toxins from the body, which naturally increases your energy.

It’s always advised to consult with your healthcare professional or doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. Even a natural juicing program can interfere with any current medication you may be taking.

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