Why Cross Training Is Key For Improved Fitness And Fat Loss

why cross training is recommendedThe number that’s displayed as you stand on the scale isn’t the definitive indicator of whether you’re fit, or if you need to shed a bit of weight. What’s found to be more important than your actual body weight is the composition of the tissues in the body.

It’s found that if the percentile of fatty tissue is more than 15% percent of the total body mass for males, and 22% percent for women, and anything beyond, that you’re generally considered to be overweight, and you may need to lose some of this fat.

What’s required is a small amount of fat that’s needed in the muscles for padding of the internal organs, as well as for insulation beneath the skin. But beyond that, what excess fat leads to are diseases such as gout, diabetes, coronary heart and artery disease, high blood pressure, and gallbladder issues.

The Losing Of Fat In The Tissues
The biggest problem becomes how to lose that fat properly and efficiently, and then keeping it off. It’s found that what most who are wanting to lose weight struggle with is having the propensity to focus less on the actual “number” that’s on the scale.

They’ll concentrate strictly on getting their weight down, usually starving themselves, thinking that’s the solution to getting thinner. What then invariably happens is they’ll desperately do everything they can to lower that weight, just to gain it back again.

Calories In Calories Out
What should be looked at instead is thinking that the human body operates as a type of heat exchange engine, which works on the same basic principles of energy physics. What the caloric balance equals is the total number of calorie intake, less the total number of calories burnt.

Some of these calories which are ingested are used for fuel, such as for the purpose of basal metabolism. As we grow older, our bodies require fewer calories for this basic upkeep as our metabolism slows down.

There are some calories which are excreted as waste, while others are activated as “work” metabolism, which is the energy expenditure that’s required for performing any type of physical activity.

So the simple equation is if individuals absorb more calories than they’re able to burn off, this after the basic bodily functions, what results is a caloric excess which are left in the tissues which turns into fat.

What the laws of physics then dictates is that this energy is transformed rather than they being destroyed. For the human body, for every excess 3,500 calories that remains, it becomes transformed into a pound of fat.

So to lose weight, shed fat, the process needs to be reversed. What we need to do is somehow burn off 3,500 calories to lose a single pound of fat.

This The Battle Against Fat
So when you think of reducing fat with exercise, what you envision are hours of sweaty exertion. But what usually happens is that most who exercise, usually to exhaustion, will get bored, weary, injured, and as a result most will eventually quit.

They just give up, they stop doing their routine workouts, and then end up defeated with a bag of chips or a doughnut for comfort. Then they wonder why they can’t ever lose weight.

So the fitness experts solution to this problem is variety, this to effectively lose calories while having fun, their answer is cross training.

Is Cross Training The Solution
This solution is from extensive studies performed by fitness experts who incorporated cross training as a means, this in order to break the dullness, the monotony of a routine exercise program.

What cross training refers to is the integration of diverse muscle movements and activities combined into an individuals conventional exercise routine. The primary purpose of infusing cross training is also to avoid burning out certain muscles because of excess use.

The Routines Of Cross Training
Cross training has been divided into three distinct yet popular activities, which are running, swimming, and cycling.

When it comes to cross training, going further distances is one way of extending the activity levels as your physical and cardio condition improves. For this reason, what you need to do is traverse a measured distance.

For swimming, it’s recommended that you measure the time and distance of the swim, how many laps you run if using a circuit track, and the mileage you burn while biking.

What cross training offers is a variety of benefits by using all of the muscle groups which results in calorie and fat loss, while having fun. It also builds up strength in the muscles along with endurance in the lungs, heart, and the blood vessels.

What it offers is a tranquilizing effect on the nerves, while burning off the calories, making your weight losing efforts more enjoyable.

The Three Components That Is Cross Training
• The endurance exercises conditions the lungs, heart, and blood vessels which induces relaxation. What’s recommended is starting out with a walk or a jogging regimen, this based depending on your fitness level

• Exercising to strengthen the muscles, particularly those which helps better posture. These include activities which are specifically selected to encourage those who are tired of performing a particular routine

• Exercises to improve the mobility of joints while preventing or relieving aches and pains. These involve a series of static stretching which are effective for those who are wanting to lose fat

It’s found that cross training is an excellent way of modifying the concept which is exercising while burning calories without needing to endure monotonous activities.

The idea of any type of physical exercising is enjoying what you’re doing. So if you add the variety which is cross training, you’ll then be subconsciously working your way towards your desired weight.

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