When Registering Domain Names Avoid Trademark Infringements When Choosing Your Keywords

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There are a lot of webmasters who erroneously think that just because a certain domain name registrar says that a particular domain name is ‘available’, then that they can go ahead and register it. Well, not so fast my young domain snatcher. Even if a domain name is available to register, the name may not be legally available for use. Why is that? Well, it’s because there may already be a company or a registered brand name that has the legal rights to the exact keywords used within that domain name.

If that’s the case, and the the webmaster registers the domain name anyways, they put themselves in the risk of losing that name through a domain name arbitration proceeding. There’s even a chance they may even be charged with a trademark or a copyright infringement, if things get that far. For this reason, it’s better to make sure the exact words used when registering a domain name isn’t protected by someone else.

How To Avoid Copyright Infringement When Registering Domain Names
Webmasters registering domain names, need to research their chosen domain name to see if it resembles any existing trademarks. They will want to check this before investing any money in the domain. To search for any existing trademarks, you can visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website which is found at USPTO.gov. You can then search the database that contains all the current trademarks, as well as all those that are pending.

If a domain name happens to be similar to a currently registered trademark, or one that is pending, then evaluate and decide whether the domain name is worth registering. Usually, if your new website containing that new domain name is not selling, or has content that is related to the trademarked domains site, most often, you will not get you into any legal trouble. But to be completely sure, and if you really, really want that domain name, you can always consult with a trademark attorney, provided you are willing to pay for a minimum of a hours consultation.

Obviously, if you’re looking for absolute ‘no risk’ in the domain name, you can just come up with another domain name. The key when picking a good domain name is to be as generic as possible. Using keywords that are searched by users using a major search engine, is an excellent strategy. Looking for words or a string of words and finding their exact terms in a dictionary is another method. If everything else fails, you can just take popular generic words or terms and combine them with other words that’s not likely to be taken.

Either way, once a generic keyword rich domain name has been chosen, you may even consider getting it trademarked yourself, especially if you’re wanting to brand your business. Once you have your own official trademark, then you will have the legal power should someone else tries to register a similar name. Be aware that there are a lot of domain name predators out there, (companies or individuals that try to steal profitable domain names), so a webmaster should legally protect themselves as much as possible.

So make sure you check if the keywords contain words that are part of a trademark. Obviously, company brand names such as ‘Visa’ or ‘Chevrolet’ should not be used. If a domain name is challenged, then it goes into an arbitration proceeding, and usually does not rule in the webmaster’s favor.

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