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‘Cyber Monday’ falls on the Monday right after the Thanksgiving day long weekend, and is now said to be the busiest online shopping day of the year for online retailers. The reason is that internet users, going back to the daily grind after their long weekend, start doing their online holiday shopping on that day. The large online shopping and online box retailers are really picking up on this trend and are now offering amazing savings on their websites directed just for that day.

The thinking of course is to get your fill of Thanksgiving turkey and then get your shopping/fighting gear on… strap on your surfing goggles, arm yourself with industrial strength coffee and ready, get set, go… start shopping online. You will not only avoid the jammed parking lots and the long lineups, you will also be amazed with the savings the online retailers are offering.

Free Coupons & Great Deals For Cyber Monday!

According to large online retail associations such as Shop.org, they are reporting more than 80% of their online members receiving a significant surge in traffic on Cyber Monday.

They offer the following explanation for the instant spike in traffic:
– Surfers and employees with internet access, are returning back to work from their Thanksgiving long weekend, log in and start, find or finish their shopping that they may have overlooked from “Black Friday”, which is the busiest day and kickoff for the “Brick and Mortar” holiday season.

Promotions, Coupons and Discounts Offered by Online Retailers
– Online retailers now expect an instant surge in online traffic and sales on that Monday. So to prepare for that traffic, they are now offering lower prices, coupons and deep discount promotions.

The origin of the term “Cyber Monday” is still unclear. But no doubt it is the fabrication by these online marketers to create a hype that at one time did not exist. As more of our holiday shopping is quickly moving online, they are obviously creating a window to define the online holiday shopping season.

Just like its counterpart, Black Friday, which is the official start of the holiday shopping for “Brick and Mortar” stores, Cyber Monday is becoming just as important to entice consumers to start shopping early to avoid the last minute rush.

The trend however in consumer shopping behavior has always been to slowly ease into the annual holiday shopping season. As far as the “real” busiest online shopping day goes, that occurs a week or two before Christmas and for our neighborhood stores, the busiest shopping day is… surprise, the last Saturday before Christmas.

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Free Coupons & Great Deals For Cyber Monday!

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