What Corporate IT Hiring Managers Are Looking For In Tech Employees

howyoucanhaveagoodjobineterviewSo because of the proliferation of IT candidates, IT hiring managers are able to fine tune and pinpoint the exact and the most suitable Tech Employee for their firm.

IT hiring managers are looking far beyond just technical know-how. It’s now a combination of things, and even though there’s no exact perfect candidate on the planet who meets all of their requirements, it doesn’t prevent CIO’s to search for them.

As always, all companies are looking far beyond what a potential candidate that’s sitting across from them offers, but more of what the candidate’s ceiling potential may be, so they can grow along with their business.

Hiring managers when interviewing you for that techie position are attempting to gain additional insight based on the following employee profile characteristics.

Do You Have A Business Orientated Perspective
When interviewers interview, they’re attempting to decide whether you’re business oriented or just a plain geek that’s geared more towards cool technology than being a people person.

The hiring managers will always lean towards the candidate who has an acute interest in how business in general acquires customers, as well as their awareness on basic critical success factors and the vital role which IT plays in them.

Without displaying these types of perspectives, your interest in just talking about cool tech gadgets may not be enough, as they are also looking for candidates with a savvy outgoing business aptitude as well.

The Ability To Converse On All Business Levels
Are you friendly, candid and easy to approach and talk to? Do you actively display a willingness to share as well as exchange knowledge with all levels of personnel within the company.

Are you able to convey that you’re able to completely understand business processes as well as management challenges. Are you able to provide examples of business goals or business tasks which you’ve led and accomplished. The actual activities which you were responsible for, and actually succeeded in with verifiable results.

Looking Beyond The Strategic Orientation
For some corporate technology positions, the hiring managers are wanting to know whether or not you’re able to look beyond basic business values to issues such as positioning the company for industry leadership, or improving business intelligence as well as customer intimacy.

They’re wondering whether you have the personal disposition to be able to initiate strategic discussions regarding injecting new emerging technologies and are able to merge them into their situation.

Awareness Of The Latest Technological Trends
Beyond the technical competence that you’ve learned in University, what they’re also looking for is someone who knows and are aware of the new and current developing technologies.

Someone who’s capable of explaining exactly which technologies should be tracked, and clearly state why. You should also be able to explain in detail how the new technologies can be applied and adapted into their enterprise, and the explanation should be in understandable business terms.

Documented Success In Critical Thinking Situations
Are you able to accurately describe any difficult events or technical situations from your previous career or position with objectivity. Hiring managers aren’t most likely interested in hearing about your string of wins or successes, but are more interested about your failures and how you handled them, as well as the lessons that you’ve learned from them.

You should also be able to recognize and acknowledge any special contributions made from team members who had helped you through these difficult situations.

Excellent Communication Skills
This is one critical feature which is sought regardless of what position you’re interviewing for. Clear crisp communication skills in all forms, which include: spoken, written and presentation, will be keenly evaluated.

So you’ll need to demonstrate these skills first on your cover letter, then on your résumé and during the interview itself. The reason why communication skills are essential and thus given a lot of weight is that any IT position needs to be immediately proactive and not a reactive observer to the business.

The ideal as well as the most effective IT employee are those who can communicate well and doesn’t use technology jargon or “geek speak” to explain a process. They are looking for someone who’s able to speak the language of business.

Providing Leadership Capabilities
Leadership is characterized and displayed by vision as well as exemplary standards when it comes to behavior. The innate ability to be able to inspire others, wanting to introducing and adopt change, already has a proven record of being able to be entrusted with performing a variety of complex tasks.

Leadership qualities also displays the knack for being able to achieve outstanding team performance as well as the willingness to share and give credit to others, among other things.

Fostering Professional Relationships
Do you display genuine interest in your colleagues or coworkers, those people who are on your team as well as others who you directly report to. Are you able to demonstrate that you really care about their basic well-being, even at times volunteering to take the time to help them.

Do you actively stay in contact with those people which you once worked with in the past. Do you show a pattern of exchanging guidance with these people. What are your previous relationships when it comes to IT professionals, which includes those from the business world as well as the vendor community, are they positive, open and constructive. Hiring managers need to know these issues so they can weed out those who are poor at building relationships.

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