Welcome To The Annual Cheese Festival That Is The American Idol

Yikes, Jason self torpedoed himself and his smirk off the show. Silly kid. The majority of his happy lettuce sparky fans lost interest and probably didn’t even vote for him last night. If they did vote in mass, he could of probably stayed with one of the Davids getting the boot. Well, he got the complimentary, “happy-go-lucky” good for you, thanks for coming boot-off and the final memories of him will be the judges saying good things about his abilities, which he deserves. Did they finally catch on that he probably didn’t really want to be there and was making a mockery of the process. It would be interesting to see what he does next, he would be great for a TV comedy or stoner movie, while carving out a niche singing career.

So the finale would probably be Syesha and David A or C. Most likely being David A.

David Cook, who will be cramped for time this week, due to he going home will need to learn, then rehearse, and make 3 songs his own, will most likely get accused with ‘It sounded like karaoke’, as he will not have the time to “Cookify” the songs. This obviously to no fault of his own. He will also not be offered the time or luxury to twist the arrangement of a ‘cover of a cover’ because his fans and the judges, for some reason or another expect him to do heck of a lot more than any of the other contestants, for his arrangements to be considered good. He has set the bar too high for himself and is expected to deliver regardless.

Syesha and David A are wonderful, splendid karaoke artists, that would make any cruise ship proud. They will shine down the stretch, because they do not have the roadblocks that David Cook has politically, and Cook next week appears to be set up perfectly to fail, even before he even starts.

So look for Syesha to win it all folks. She has grown exponentially during the competition, and finally seem to have found her little groove niche, which is screech. Although David A is slowly but surely beginning to loosen up, because of this, maybe he will pull it out in the end. He has not been too bad during the past 2 weeks, and do not underestimate the power of the pre-teens who has nothing better to do than vote.

My brain ain’t working, End this now.

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