Web 2.0 – Still Waiting To Cash In On Your Million Dollar Idea

Web 2.0 is a web platform for interactive two way “peer to peer” user generated content. It is all about communicating amongst other users and readers to collaborate about topics and particular views in question. So instead of internet users just merely surfing aimlessly around the web without a guide pilot, they are now interacting with other like minded users getting reviews and opinions on subjects of interest.

Web 2.0, is obviously more than the newest flavored buzzword in 2007, it has become the new dominant way to use the Internet. And that is by using audience participation. Web 2.0 is more of an “attitude and thinking shift” instead of a technological term because this phenomenon is not something that you can buy off the shelf or download as an ebook. It is more of a feeling and a different way to conduct the way you use the internet.

An example of how to differentiate Web 2.0 and it’s previous form, we will call it Web 1.0 for arguments sake, is that Web 1.0, although it still allowed for user participation and interaction, was more in forms of surveys or questionnaires with one sided opinions based on multiple choices. The biggest difference with Web 2.0 is it allow users and customers to be able to leave opinions and comments as well as ask questions, rate or review a product or service or even a point of view.

So the greatest advantage of thinking Web 2.0 is that it allows for users to instantly read about, hear and see what other users think about a product or service and get immediate feedback. While the traditional surveys provided information solely back to the marketers or website owners conducting the questionnaires, Web 2.0 interacts and shares real life unbiased opinions and experiences of customers amongst each other. So the middleman, the company or marketing company is essentially eliminated.

Web 2.0 has opened new doors like the “goldrush” days back in the late ’90s where big investment and venture money was thrown around to new web start ups at startling rates. This same type of hype and feeling is now again being spread as Web 2.0 starts a new wave of enterprise. Websites and internet entrepreneurs with idea’s to enhance Web 2.0, has raised millions of dollars from capitalists hoping to cash in on this new wave.

Web 2.0 has suddenly become the “web frontier” all over again. Where previous unknown talents are lining up by the thousands hoping to cash in with their ideas. E-commerce as a result has profited and continues to grow exponentially.

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