Ways On How To Immediately Improve Your Intuitive Instincts

howtoimproveyourintuitivepowersWe’ve all had that eerie feeling when we suddenly get a hunch that something is about to happen, and then to our surprise, and perhaps not, that the thought translated into reality.

Once we feel extremely certain about something without any logical basis backing it, that’s what is known as an intuition. It usually comes in several distinct impressions. Initially, it’s referred to as the “third eye” or clairvoyance, which involves clearly sensing as well as feeling through listening regarding a certain event about to occur.

Clairvoyance is usually that mystical response when our third eye or true field of vision goes beyond what you can actually see. A phenomenon where you keenly sense what is happening elsewhere, a different place.

When we’re able to sense this clearly, this is basically what’s referred to as a gut feeling or a “hunch.” This usually occurs when we become flooded with a certain feeling, and there’s no logical explanation to it, and all that you can say is… “I just knew.”

Then there’s the sensation when you feel through what’s known as clairaudience. What this ability displays is the sense to listen carefully between the lines of what’s being spoken, and then accurately intuit what’s about to happen.

Intuition will also occur at times when there’s a certain distinct sound or ping, whatever it may be, such as a car honk or a bird chirping, which ushers in some type of an intense feeling or vision.

The Gift Of Magnified Intuition
Some will tell you that there are a number of select people who are gifted with true intuitive powers. Astrologers will insist that those who were born under the Pisces or Scorpio signs are naturally more intuitive, in some cases bordering on E.S.P. Women are also thought to have more intuition.

What clinical studies reveal is that for anyone who wants to heighten these powers, that they can do so by developing and then refining their existing intuitive instincts.

Developing Ones Intuition
Why is there a need to develop intuition some will ask. Why not just allow your natural emotional and psychological state of mind remain as it is, why even bother to tamper or alter it.

First and foremost, what intuition does is it promotes better communication. The development of it makes you a lot more sensitive to those around you. It will keep and guard you from potentially hurting those that you love, this since you are intuitive enough to understand them better.

Intuition also makes you a lot more creative. It’s thought that heightened intuition releases more creative juices which may be dormant inside you, for better means of expression.

It’s also thought that finely tuned intuition has certain healing powers. This healing power not in the physical sense, but rather in delving deeper into your soul to potentially eradicate negative energy or illness which may be buried.

How To Unlock And Develop Better Intuition
For Those Who Meditate
What meditating traditionally means is finding peace within oneself. If your mind and your heart happens to be cluttered with a lot of hurt and baggage, then you wouldn’t be able to quiet yourself down enough so that you can initiate intuition.

There are a lot of ways on how you can meditate. Taking yoga classes are known to help, or you can just simply practice some deep breathing techniques which could bring you direct to Zen.

Some Will Use Hypnosis
Some will prefer to get themselves hypnotized. This type of hypnosis isn’t limited to watching a pendulum swing back and forth in a magic show at the country fair. No, not that gimmicky.

But it’s rather more the act of self-hypnosis, or you can make yourself available to a proven clinical hypnotic program which directs you to strengthen your intuitive powers.

Thinking As Positive As Possible
This involves a worry and stress free lifestyle, along with a fear-free state of mind which contributes towards you improving your intuitive ability. By staying as positive as possible, what you naturally attract is good energy that’s able to recognize imminent feelings and potential events easier.

Just Letting Yourself Go
So what does letting yourself go really mean. If you’re on the brink of making an important or perhaps a life altering decision, just let yourself go, let loose your mind of all the inhibitions by heading to that quiet place.

This is the familiar spot where you could find out where the “letting go” process has brought you in the past. At times, all you need to do is listen to the voice that’s within you, and you can’t hear this voice unless you let yourself go.

Never Expect Or Use Force
Once you let go of all your inhibitions and everything else that limits you from thinking and feeling as clearly as possible, don’t ever expect for an answer right away.

Don’t expect that the solvent would fall onto your lap immediately or instantly. But give it a bit of little time to breathe and emulate itself, and then you’ll be delighted by you suddenly having the reason, answer, or solution.

Believing In Your First Impressions
When you initially meet someone for the very first time, what you immediately think is that the person is a bit too arrogant or standoffish for your liking.

The chances are good that this initial impression holds true to how you really feel. The reason being that for the majority of the time, your first impressions are brought forth by your intuition. The second thought is usually doubt.

Don’t Worry And Remain Happy
Then squirt in a bit of happiness to keep your intuition active. Having a happiness state of mind attracts immense power towards you, and such power also includes intuition.

When tapping into your intuitive powers, your motivation and state of mind needs to be content with positive reinforcement. So once given that premise, intuition will then fall to you easier.

In life, intuition can be helpful, this because it usually leads you to something that cannot be achieved otherwise. There are a lot of lives which has been improved, or saved by intuition alone.

Decisions are usually made easier without fail and more accurately once armed by this particular gift. So begin developing better intuition skills and then reap the rewards.

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