Using Garden Fresh Herbs To Alter The Taste Of Your Food

a different variety of fresh herbsThere are a variety of delicious ways on how you can use fresh garden picked herbs that are capable of introducing you to how you can alter, enhance, or spice up the flavor of whatever you happen to be cooking.

You can use them in your recipes, add a distinct flavor to your vinegars and oils, or even make a natural facial mask. The sheer versatility of these herbs are truly amazing. You can begin a better culinary journey by sampling and then using your favorite aromatic herbs.

The majority of herbs are also easy to grow in your garden or are available locally. Once they’re mature and harvested, they have the ability to make even the simplest meal appear like a gourmet delight, revealing the chefs secret weapon.

By using the appropriate herbs in your cooking endeavors, you can alter the course of the flavors in your food, such as sauces in a variety of different ways, this according to the exact herbs that you include.

These variety of herbs are also excellent when used in breads, soups and stews, and to perk the flavor of vegetables. Once you decide to add a different herb, what you’re doing is completely redesigning its taste for the unique.

The Basics Of Herbs
If you happen to be in the experimental stages of using herbs in your foods, you’ll then need to just add small bits at a time using the different flavors, this to adjust its taste as you go along until you feel you have it just right.

You’ll soon learn to discover that in most instances that individual herbs are associated with particular food items and tastes.

For instance, fresh basil is usually paired with enhancing tomato based dishes and sauces, oregano can also add flavor to your favorite sauces, include chives in cream cheese or butter, rosemary is excellent with lamb.

But know that none of these herbs are limited to or associated with the listed items, but you’ll soon begin pairing certain aromatic herbs with particular food tastes. So just experiment and use your imagination.

You can also make herb based vinegars for tasty and tangy salad dressings, soups, and marinades. Herb based oils become extremely useful in cooking endeavors whenever a recipe happens to call for it.

Other Uses Of Herbs
You can use fresh herbs as attractive garnishes which dresses up any dish, making them look especially spectacular. Try laying individual sprigs of fresh rosemary directly over broiled lamb chops.

Chop freshly picked parsley and then sprinkle it over your potato salad to add intense eye appeal and taste. The combinations are completely endless and the outcomes are always delicious.

The Proper Storage Of Fresh Herbs
Recently purchased or freshly picked garden grown herbs will generally keep in the refrigerator for several days, and beyond provided that you freeze them properly to retain their flavor.

The recommended freezing technique is to lay them flat on a paper towel, and then place them in a sealed airtight plastic bag. Once they’re frozen, you can then use the appropriate amounts that you need, but never use them as a garnish.

Another way of storage is to rinse them, then place pieces in an ice cube tray, fill them with water and freeze. You can then just drop in a cube whenever you need to add flavor to your soups, sauces, or stews.

The Most Popular Cooking Herbs
There are a variety of popular herbs which you can grow or purchase at your local neighborhood farmers market. Oregano, basil, mint, and lemon balm are just a few.

Know that fresh mint is an excellent flavor addition, but if you’re growing mint in your garden, it has the potential to over run and spread to your other plants. So the best tip is to use an empty tin can, bury it in the soil, and then isolate the mint in it. What the can does is it prevents the mint plant from “creeping” through your garden.

Different Uses Of Herbs
A favorite use of herbs is making herb butter. Take one half cup of softened butter and then mix in around 4 tablespoons of a freshly chopped herb of your choice, such as chives.

On a piece of plastic wrap, make a log formation from the mixture and then place it in the refrigerator. Anytime that you need a pat, just slice a piece off. Some tasteful uses for this herb flavored butter are bread, potatoes, noodles, steak, and any kind of sauce.

You can use fresh herbs of any type and then include them in your salad dressings, which will enhance its flavor immensely. You can experiment by using various types or a combination of them, be creative.

Other Uses Of Herbs
You can create an excellent and instant natural face mask by using basil, avocado, and lemon. Begin by placing a handful of basil into a blender and then pulverize. Once it becomes a paste, add half of an avocado along with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and then mix until smooth.

Make sure that you wash your face first to remove any excess dirt and oil, then pat dry. Gently rub the herbal mixture directly on your face. You can leave this on as long as you like, and then use warm water to rinse it off.

There are a variety of other ways on how you can use these various fresh herbs. Take advantage of the different varieties and aromas and use them as a secret ingredient to enhance the flavor of almost anything.

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