Universal Medical ID Offers Attractive Functional Personalized Medical Identification Jewellery

If you unfortunately suffer from a critical medical condition such as: diabetes, stroke, epilepsy, heart transplant, asthma, memory or vision impairment, wearing fashionable medical id jewelry from Universal Medical ID is the perfect solution.

Since you are required to wear some type of medical alert bracelet or health monitoring system anyways, why not wear an attractive, high quality, customized medical ID jewelery created by Universal Medical ID. They create functional as well as attractive personalized Medical Identification pieces including: gold or gold plated necklaces, engraved expandable wristbands or bracelets, fashionable and functional watches as well as beautiful pendants ect.

Each custom piece of jewelry art also serves functionality as each Medical ID item states your exact medical condition in case you require emergency critical care.

Every Universal Medical ID also includes:
– A wallet sized medical card
– Universal Medical Id’s personalized health record
– An Online Medical Registry record

In case of a critical medical emergency, especially if you are unable to explain your medical condition, it’s the crucial medical information embedded on the bracelet or piece of jewelry that will identify you and possible save your life. The information engraved on the Medical Id jewelery also contains the emergency contact numbers of your immediate family members, as well as your doctor or health professional.

These customized pieces come in a large variety of contemporary attractive designs and price ranges. They are available in high quality metals including: solid high grade, non-allergenic stainless steel, sterling silver, 10k or 14k gold and titanium. Universal Medical ID bracelets are available in all sizes and custom designs for adults as well as children.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor or health care professional regarding the exact medical description that should be engraved onto the jewelry piece. There is no annual membership to purchase an Universal Medical ID, just a one time payment.
You can order online, by mail, fax or phone. Please contact Universal Medical ID directly for any additional questions.

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