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Summers suddenly creeping up amongst us and betcha your looking for new and exciting vacation frontiers and destinations to discover this year. There are always several hot popular locations around the globe that are consistently luring in new vacationers as well as repeat visitors alike. So why not go ahead and try a new and unique destination for your next holiday?

Here Are The Top Exotic Destinations As Recommended By Tripology
Thailand is an unique, exotic destination favorite for vacationers from around the world. Unfortunately, this country suffered greatly from the wraths of mother nature when that big tsunami hit several years ago. But it is now back to being the exotic and thriving top hot spot it was before! Because the number of tourists has drastically gone down, the prices are a lot better than ever before and the sandy blonde beaches are not as crowded. Thailand offers beautiful fascinating landscape as well as great food and unique culture. Take advantage this year as it is also super economical!

Japan is and always will be another Asian hot spot. You may not know that Japan offers and features some of the most challenging ski slopes in the world. There is a reason why this country has been the host of the Winter Olympics twice. They attract ski buffs and bunnies from all areas on the world and these areas are rapidly becoming a popular place to vacation. As for those spouses who aren’t interested in the cold or snow, there are adequate natural hot springs to relax in.

London as in England is the perfect spot for you party animals out there. This cosmo trend setting city features an abundance of world famous night spots that go, well, all night long. There are also a lot of great historical landmarks and sights if you’ve survived the night before and feeling up to it the next morning! This British establishment is home to some of the world’s best restaurants as well. The greatest thing is that you can always find incredible discounts to make England your next destination.

Athens Greece, is yet another one of the most famous holiday spots if you enjoy the party with its generous night life. The pace is however a lot more relaxed and leisurely. Greece traditionally has a lot more to offer other than its world class clubs and pubs. So, if you prefer Greek history over drinking, this holiday will make you feel right at home. You can try renting say a motor scooter to economically tour the countryside by yourself while enjoying the famous cuisine that Greece has to offer. This is one holiday you will not forget.

Italy completes our trifecta of hot European destinations. This country features it’s famous food, famous landmarks as well as the recent fame brought from author Dan Brown’s books: “Angels and Demons” and “The DaVinci Code”. They are both set in the famous city of Rome, the books and the movie has peaked interest in this historically religious city. The ancient ruins and the ancient value of this great country are astounding and well worth a visit this year.

Hopping over the ocean, Mexico has and always will be a hot destination for tourists looking for some heat, sun and relaxation. It seems these days, the famous hot spot of Cancun is the place to be. It features the famous, endless white sandy beaches, perfect crystal clear blue water and an endless variety of water activities such as scuba diving, swimming and jet skiing. This resort town in Mexico, has bumped it up a notch to accommodate for world class features and safety. Since it is close to the United States, if you happen to be American, you can travel there easily by plane, cruise or car, at a decent price.

Tripology’s last international recommended hot spot destination is Brazil. This fabulous South American country is best known for its endless, shameless beaches featuring exotic sunbathing vacationers and natives. There is a wild and vivid nightlife for those who like to party it up, as well as a strong mixed culture that features fantastic food with influences from around the world. You can also check out the famous Amazon River or go for a hike into the rainforest. Prices are affordable for a holiday you will not soon forget.

Traveling international destinations are popular right now, and right now is the perfect time to take advantage. Make sure you book your air and hotel tickets well ahead of time to avoid any hassles as well as getting the lowest fares available. Make sure you pack some sunscreen, summer clothes and go enjoy!

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