Tips On How To Effectively Use And Understand Social Bookmarking Sites

The best way to find out what is popular as based amongst your peers are using social networking bookmark sites. These interactive Web 2.0 sites such as, and Technorati allows you and other site members to record, store and share useful resources and articles from news aggregates, blogs and websites. These mini information web search engines are quickly becoming an increasingly important internet resource.

The basic idea behind these social bookmarking is the ability for individual users to save or bookmark their Favorite Sites on the Internet as well as share them. These bookmarking sites store save links from other sites that contain detailed descriptions sourced from the original site. They can also be a description saved by the individual who created the link. These links and brief summaries are given individual descriptive keywords called Tags. Tags in one or several words describe what each of the link topic relates to. Other users of the site can then search for information based on using tag words to find news and other relevant information that has been bookmarked by other members.

One of the advantages of using a social networking site like or Digg is that the saved links you find on these websites are qualified or reviewed by another members of the site to be useful to them. For example, if a link topic has been flagged with a lot of Diggs, the frequent bookmarking indicates it is a worthy site for the information you are interested in.

Here is a short video that explains the power of social bookmarking news and web sites and how they help to make your webpages easier to remember, as well as organize and share. The video focuses primarily on, but can be applied to other social bookmarking sites as well.

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