The Good And The Bad – A Review Of John Reese’s Traffic Secrets Preview Videos

Watching The Videos On A Nice Sunny Day (The Good)
So there I was sitting outside on a glorious sunny day, sipping laced lemonade, watching the three traffic secrets videos by John Reese on my laptop. These videos were made to promote the upcoming “Traffic Secrets ver 2.0” course, available this Tuesday, July 15. Undoubtedly, he will make more money this single day, then I will in 10 years.

The videos are of fairly good quality and very direct. John Reese looks straight into the camera, as if he’s done this before, and all he does is just talks, so you can listen while watching TV or doing a crossword puzzle. His first video basically discusses what he calls “Results Detection”, which is essentially reverse engineering. Basically trying to figure out what other more successful people are doing to get massive traffic to their sites and then emulating them based on the research. No nothing new. He does give a few examples on how he does this. End of Video 1.

In the second video, he goes into what he calls “Owning a larger part of the Internet”, or creating lots of relevant content and distributing it online. The “trick” is to produce tons of content (via – outsourcing) and then allowing it to be published online on a timely calculated basis, then using viral means such as syndication to get it distributed. By outsourcing and doing it in an organized manner, you can then free up time to do other funner things in life, instead of stressing out and basically being a slave to your blog or website posts.

He then goes into the third video about generating massive traffic by creating viral software, such as WP plugins, widgets, applications for Facebook etc. Then he goes into the excellent resource that is his new program “Traffic Secrets” ver2. How much concise, indepth valuable information there is etc. This is the best, only and last internet marketing program you need.

None of this is really earth-shattering information, but it’s well presented and it might be an useful refresher course. Those still using AdSense, video 2 may be interesting, as AdSense is based on content monetization.

Most of this has been heard before. The main message he does portray is that all these concepts are workable but requires a lot of hard work and execution. The end result is sweat equity, there are no magic formulas or potions. The videos portray and project a concise quantity of useful information and compared to his original package, TS1, this is great value. Although the price tag may still seem high for most, he instills quality by delivering it as a physical product that you get in the mail. (12 DVDs as well as various workbooks), along with a series of downloads. (The original course was $1000, by the way.)

Me Watching The Videos On A Bad Day (The Bad)
Arrg, Ok, so I barely made it through the first John Reese Traffic Secrets video and that’s when I stopped. John Reese is the man and the original pioneer of Internet Marketing, but those videos were quite hard to watch. Kind of amateurish and poor editing. The lousy 1980’s background color kept changing and was quite distracting. While listening, my mind wandered and my focus was on when or what color it would change to next.

The lighting was poor, like it was shot in his basement with drop sheets. It really did look like an episode of Rowan and Martins “Laugh In” and was wondering and counting on when the “Go Go” dancers were going to pop out. He was on the camera the whole time. Body shots, then closeups, the hands spread apart and fingers touching, the usual pose.

The information that he presented was just generalities, with no real useful specifics on how to do anything. As it turned out, this was just a one long one hour commercial with a groovy background. If he would of spilled one or two real valuable tidbits rather than generalizing over and over, it became quite boring by the third video.

John Reese is an excellent marketer, and generally regarded as the guru of the gurus. When he speaks, everyone listens. He is one guy that does everything on a large scale and diligently researches every facet of his techniques and presents them in an excellent concise format. A lot of people dropped $1000 the last time, making him an instant millionaire in one day. The same followers will buy into this as well. The product is close to $400 and there will be a lot of people lining up to drink the kool-aid.

Here Are The Videos
Traffic Secrets ver. 2.0

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