The Art Of Avoiding People Who Completely Bore You To Tears

personwhodrainsyourenergyThey’re around everywhere, that person could be someone you know, those are the people who swallow up and evaporate the positive energy out of the room. They do this just to fuel their own relentless hunger of negative behavior. As a result, it leaves us feeling completely exhausted, bored, listless and unhappy.

Regardless of what you call these energy sucking individuals, these are the “woe is me” chronically unhappy negative people of this earth who constantly and purposely wreak havoc on other lives. So what you need to do is arm yourself with some type of effective strategy to deal with them.

Do You Know Someone Who Sucks Positive Energy Out Of An Empty Room
• Do they consistently show poor personal boundaries, often are extremely intrusive in others business
• Will become overly dramatic over minor issues, focusing attention to themselves
• Can become extremely and overly critical, will easily find fault with almost anyone and everything in their sight
• Are constantly and consistently complaining about something, rarely finds anything that they like or that meets their satisfaction
• Becomes easily agitated and argumentative, having trouble agreeing with others, even over issues which are inconsequential or pointless
• Is relentlessly persistent and demanding, unable to take “no” as an answer
• Are constantly negative, always seeing the glass as half empty
• Will never accept responsibility or blame, but will blame everyone else regarding their problems and actions

There’s absolutely no reason however that you should allow their problems to become your problem. So here are a few steps that you can take to help you deal with these types of individuals who may void your energy.

Recognize One And Then Avoid Them
The very negative nature of these individuals isn’t always that readily apparent when you first meet them. Initially, their quirkiness may be a little intriguing and humorous to you, or their constant gossiping or complaints in finding fault in others may even leave you wanting to hear a bit more. It could also be their over dramatic sarcastic flair that may be entertaining.

But soon however, you’ll begin to realize something isn’t quite right. That should be a “red flag” warning to you, so don’t ignore those feelings. Instead pay closer attention to your instincts as well as your physical reactions after you encounter someone with these traits.

If you begin to experience physical distractions such as muscle tension, or begin losing energy yourself, get headaches or become irritable, begin to experience sadness or negativity, you most likely have an energy sapper in your midst.

Avoid Them By Limiting Contact
Once that you’ve identified one, then begin limiting the time that you spend with them. If you’re not able to avoid them completely, such as they being coworkers or family members, then set firm limits.

For instance, for those who become too intrusive or are overly dramatic and then begin consuming a lot of your energy and time with their constant stories of “look at me,” while displaying over the top theatrics, you should then begin the conversation with, “I’ve only got a few minutes before I need to [fill in an excuse].” Then once the time is up, politely leave.

Stay Away Don’t Get Tempted To Be Pulled In
Regardless if you may think you’re the one who could fix all of their problems, most likely you won’t and can’t. Those people who are chronically negative about everything will either create a new “woe is me” crisis or just resist your interventions in their lives that you can potentially “fix” for them.

The truth is that these individuals have personality disorders, even the most qualified of therapists at times will have a hard time while experiencing difficulty effectuating change in them. So most likely, all of their problems are likely beyond anyone’s ability to fix.

The best strategy that you can take is to just protect yourself by placing clear firm limits. For example, those who are constantly insecure or needy while looking for your guidance, will always resist offering any solutions,

So instead, reply back with something like, “I’m sure that you will be able to find the answer on your own,” and then quickly excuse yourself. There’s no need to be rude, just be firm while showing empathy.

In the busy lifestyles that we live in, protecting your valuable personal energy is important, especially when it’s positive, as that’s an extremely precious commodity. So it’s something that you shouldn’t be willingly giving up to someone who can drain it from you.

Instead, hang on to your great attitude and positive energy by surrounding yourself with other like-minded positive individuals who’ll leave you feeling energized and upbeat. Make sure that you constantly keep yourself facing the sunshine, then you won’t be able to see the shadows.

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