The 7 Top Plugins To Fight WordPress Spam As According To Mashable

Hormel Foods invented Spam, and I’m sure they are glad they did. They are the proud manufacturers of the canned processed food product called SPAM, which contains: Shoulder Pork or as they like to call it, “SPiced hAM”, hence the name. It is a mouth and some say eye watering, yet economical luncheon meat in a can for those who happen to be really really hungry.

Today, in net terms, “SPAM” means internet abuse. This would include primarily junk E-mail and junk postings on bulletin boards and most recently on blogs, search engines and on websites. So if you’re running WordPress, Mashable has come up with 7 of the best tools for fighting spam that is directed towards your blog. These are all easy to install Plug-Ins and have proven to effectively curb the abusers appetite…

Akismet – Akismet (Automatic Kismet) comes with every install of WordPress, sign up for a WordPress API key and your in business

Bad Behavior – Bad Behavior works with any PHP based website including… WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal etc.

For the rest of the list…
Mashable’s Top 7 Tools / Plugins For Fighting WordPress Spam

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