The 5 Simple Steps To Help You To Lose Weight – A Fat Loss For Idiots And Flat Belly Diet Guide

flatbellydietbookWeight loss is not really that difficult… really. Here are the 5 key steps to get you and help you get on track. So find a good weight loss plan, stop the madness that is procrastination and stick with the plan as if your life depended on it.

If you happen to be packing around a few pounds, (and who of us isn’t), there are numerous reasons that out weight (no pun) why we should shed the extra pounds. The most obvious, other than a boost in our self esteem, should be to reduce the stress on our hearts, reduce the chances of heart disease, risk of cancer, diabetes, feel a lot better and look way more attractive.

There are 100’s of reasons why we should lose weight, but at times it can be a real crap shoot as well as a pain to start getting that weight off. You try various plans, you push yourself really hard, then make a little bit of progress, then at times you side tracked, and BAM, you are suddenly heavier then when you started that new fab diet.

It seems like a maddening catch 22. But enough of that… Here are 5 easy steps that are proven to work in the fight to losing weight, as well as keeping if off for good. These 5 steps can be applied to almost anything, but these step for now are dedicated to losing weight.

1. Know What You Need And Want
2. Know Exactly Where You Are
3. Track Your Weight Loss Results
4. Make The Required Course Corrections
5. Be Accountable To Yourself

So now that you know the 5 steps, your extra poundage will suddenly and effortlessly melt off right? Well, no. This list is not quite going to do that, so lets explain the intricacies of these steps, and where the hangups usually occur when applied to losing weight.

1. Know What You Need And Want
This first step is dead accurate and simple. A lot of people who want to lose weight, has a fairly good idea of how much weight they would like to lose as well as how they would eventually like their body to look like.

It’s pretty safe to say if your present body started to look the way you wanted it to, you would know, even if you didn’t have that ‘look’ mapped out and detailed.

2. Know Exactly Where You Are
This is where almost everyone messes up. It’s always overlooked and is the most common reason why the up and down ‘Yo Yo Effect’ of weight fluctuation occurs when losing weight. It makes us unhappy on how our body looks and feels, and it’s painful to get a gauge and see exactly where we are in our progress. Well, unfortunately we have to know exactly where we are in our plan, to be able to judge the end results that we are getting.

Say you are on a trip by car to Los Angeles, California. You are starting your trip from Phoenix, Arizona, but you really have no clue exactly how to get there. Well, no problem right? All you need to get is an Arizona/California map and find the direct route, which would be a simple 7 hour trip west on Interstate 8 to get you to San Diego.

So say 7 hours later, you have no absolute clue where you are, you are not definitely in San Diego. You feel beat and defeated and you are wanting to give up! So who do you blame? the car? The stupid inaccurate maps? San Diego? or Yourself?

If you would of taken the time to accurately find out where you were, you would of then have been able to pick the appropriate means and route to get to San Diego, and have an approximate expectation on how long it would take.

This also applies to weight loss as well as our personal physical condition. We in our minds think that we’re starting in a completely different physical condition then we really are. So when the end results don’t follow the plan in in your mind, we then get upset and quit.

3. Track Your Weight Loss Results
This is actually pretty conceptually simple. If you have no clue as to WHAT you are doing, then how do you know what is working or not? It might be simple to do, but it’s also simple not to do. The end result, most people will never track their results.

4. Make The Required Course Corrections

So you consistently try that next best weight loss fad, that new food diet craze, that super-duper sit up machine, or that cardio power energy yoga and fat burner class. You may be on track to failure unless you know exactly where you are on your plan and make the necessary changes along the way.

5. Be Accountable To Yourself
Accountability!.. being true to yourself is not an evil word. You don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing, let alone know what you are not doing.

So, why do you resist accountability? Did you know this is your secret weapon to weight loss? Why?, well because it works! If you know or think someone is going to be watching and tracking you, you would most likely follow through or at least feel very bad about not following through.

Accountability when used correctly and wisely is that ultimate turbo booster secret to your weight loss. Since you are planning to be accountable anyways right?, you might as well get some benefit out of it.

Using accountability properly, you can achieve the weight loss and body of your dreams.

The biggest obstacle to not losing weight is not taking any type of action. It doesn’t really matter how good the plan is, it’s virtually worthless if you don’t follow through on it.

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