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Ways To Effectively Localize Your Website Using Google Plus

Although Google+ may currently be a bit lagging behind Facebook when it comes to the most popular of social media sites on the Web, but once you consider all of the various social networks, it’s certainly becoming important enough for

How To Set Up Your Google+ Plus Brand Page For Businesses

Google liking you can be important to your businesses health on the Internet. The search engine has gained exponential prominence, popularity and importance, so much so that the actual word itself is now a verb. The majority who are on

How Google+ Plus Impacts Business Marketers And Branding

Recently, Google+ raced towards attracting over 20+ million new members to their new social network, but still, depending on opinion, some will claim whether Google Plus will be a success, or another effort of epic failure. The majority however, may

Google+ Plus With Circle Sharing – The Good The Bad And The Invites

Google in it’s quest for online domination is taking another swing at social media by introducing their Google+ social networking service. Is this the final answer in their hopes and their never ending journey to compete with Facebook. It’s a