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Reasons Why We As Consumers Decide To Buy The Things We Do

You wonder once you get home, “Why did I buy this again?” What you did was you unconsciously convinced yourself when seeking out the permission to buy that product, to go ahead and spend yet more money on new things

Getting More Sales By Correcting Consumer Buying Behavior

The anxiety of any buyer, especially when it comes to high ticket or luxury items is remorse, turning into uncertainty and fear. This based on whether they’re making the right decision, if they’re paying too much, or if they deserve

How Using Human Behavioral Segmentation Makes Customers Buy

The philosophy of basic human behaviour never changes as it flows from three basic sources: knowledge, emotion, and desire. So nothing has really changed for centuries, as they still serve true today, this especially when it comes to executing executive

Why Consumers Will Choose One Particular Brand Over Another

On a purely mechanical and biological basis, what our unconscious mind does is it takes a crude visual inventory that’s registered by the retina. Then the brain will attempt to process it, and present the data of what it thinks