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If you or your company owns a blog, then you very well know that you can count yourself amongst the millions of others who publish on the “internets”. Anyone who operates a blog knows they can easily and effectively express themselves via this easy to use platform. What other method can you easily set up within minutes and sell your products or services online, or tell your life story or give business information? Blogging is also an excellent way to network through associates, friends, former and present classmates, family and relatives, or make a boat load of money. There are now millions of blogs online doing this very thing right now. So because of this, you will have to stand out, you’ll need to shine through the masses, and make yours unique and interesting.

One way you can establish a loyal audience is to actually have an unique enough niche that screams you are an authority in your field. One excellent method to not be another ‘needle in a haystack’, is to submit your blog address in blog directories, to get targeted traffic and invaluable backlinks. You are also not restricted in placing your blog just in a single directory, as there are numerous highly recommended blog directories that should draw a loyal audience.

So if you want to go the route of submitting your blog to blog directories, first make sure that your blog has fresh and unique content for reading. Don’t just submit your blog domain address and then magically expect people to read and react to your half-baked ramblings or poorly crafted stories with bad grammar. Providing duplicate content or just having a few entries can also kill your blog. Having good consistent content is the key to welcoming and keeping your new or current readers. Also, decide what exact keywords your blog will use to attract these visitors.

Good keyword selection means going through your content, and then deciding and evaluating which keywords to use, so that you can categorize exactly what your blog will provide. These keywords are also important as they will also be submitted to the blog directories.

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Here is a list of some blog directories to consider submitting to, provided your blog is ready for exposure.

1. Blog Catalog allows you to submit your blog into a specific category. It will also show which categories are the most popular, giving you a better idea as to what market/category attracts the biggest readers. Blog Catalog also allows you to join discussion groups and form groups yourself.

2. At Blog Hub, you can submit your blog while participating on their forum. So go chat with fellow bloggers, and get news on how to market better, or who the best affordable web hosting services are, as well as other information that may be of interest to you. Blog Hub also offers excellent information on how to use free services to monetize your blog.

3. You can submit your blog to Blog Hints. Here you can view the latest blogs that’s been added, read the most popular, or the highest rated. Blog Hints will even suggest the most suitable category for your blog, and you can also access some free WordPress themes. There are a variety of different blogs that you can search through. These blogs are also arranged in different folders, that’s readily visible on the front page of their site.

4. At Blogging Fusion, you can readily view the different categories, and you can also get your blog featured. There is also a blog ratings system, and a popular blogs lists for you to browse. Visit Blogging Fusion Here.

5. Another directory you can submit to is Blog Flux, where you can look through their alphabetical directory, as well as read featured blogs, and see the latest updates to blogs listed in the directory.

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