Stop All That Self Talk And Begin Living A Happier Life

when-you-constantly-talk-to-yourselfJust listen to yourself, that constant internal chatter in your head, primarily pointless and empty, the usual babble about nothing, getting distracted, that autonomic empty self talk.

Similar to that song that never goes away in your head, what you do is constantly provide a narration which never turns off, even if you make a plea. These are the consequences when you have a noisy active mind.

Once you actually listen to yourself, the content which is discharged from your internal dialogue, it’s often meaningless nonsense, this when you talk to yourself, it describes the exact experiences that you’re currently feeling, in real time.

That’s when you’re continually telling yourself, over and over, the story of your life back to yourself, even though you’re the one who’s supposedly living it. Usually, this internal talk will accurately describe whatever is happening right now, at this very moment, including your exact opinions regarding it.

• “No, I don’t like this”
• “Yes, I like this”
• “I’m extremely offended by this”
• “I’m so interested in this”
• “This is great that it’s happening to me”
• “This is just awful what’s happening to me”
• “Are we there yet?”

So the biggest wonder for the sane mind is why we talk to ourselves, which usually describes exactly what’s happening. You have to wonder who it is that’s actually doing all this talking.

Getting Ourselves Ready
At times we’ll package or summarize our experiences as it’s happening, this in order so we can get it prepared for a presentation of some type. We’ll scramble to assemble the description of our life or experiences in order so we can accurately relay it back to others.

We’ll concisely organize our life into a story, a mystery, that we can tell to others, fragments at a time. This even at times before or actually experiencing the story happening. We do so since we find it’s more important to know how to transmit our lives rather than to live it.

Self Talk Is Good… Right?
So we continue to do this internal dialogue, our minds will continually describe our life back to us, to keep us aware. This self talk is the mind’s way of reminding us and then reassuring itself that it still functions properly and it exists.

If it ever happens to stop talking back to us, it may be because we cease in being. So the mind narrates for us all of our experiences, whether good or bad, in order to securely place a strong foothold on our identity.

As long as our minds remain the commander of our life’s voice over, then the experiences belongs to us and our minds. We’ll remain identified with ourselves, and we’ll continue to experience the world through whatever our minds interpretation of it is.

Ultimately, whenever we narrate what’s happening as it’s happening, we maintain a self which is distinct from what we’re living, a step apart, commenting, watching, and then reporting it.

Our uniqueness exists, one that’s not completely immersed in all of the experiences of life. While doing so, our minds will secure its borders, which keeps us from merging and ultimately disappearing into the experiences itself.

A Mind That’s Quiet: Turned Off
What if you choose not to live your life one step away, with the mind acting as a filter. What if you could bypass it and live your life more directly, without the comments or narration that it provides.

Imagine living your life as it’s happening right now without the need to constantly hear about it, whether accurate or not.

You can live this way, be completely free from all of the constant “I” documentaries which you hear every day, every moment, and every event of your life.

Although you may not realize it, you’re not a prisoner of yourself, you’re not held at gunpoint to your constant internal narrator. You can get rid of this self talk, and do so right now, without notice or consequence.

You can do so by just “stop” telling yourself what’s happening, whatever that you think is happening, and what the event says about who you are. Do so by just stopping.

Begin to live what you’re living, and when you begin to start describing it again, refuse to listen. Just say “no” to the noise, that internal description, and then see what remains.

The pure essence of taste, smell, hearing, seeing, touching, feeling, and living then reveals itself.

Living In The Moment
Once you choose to live this way, directly, in the moment with no background noise, no self talk, then you truly liberate yourself, free to be completely inside of your experiences, one with it.

Regardless of how powerful that a particular experience may be, it won’t be able to match what it is to experience the event itself, this with no separation between “it” and who we are.

So take this leap, take a chance, lose the narration, try it only for a moment, this moment right now. It’s guaranteed that you will survive.

This may be a completely new and refreshing existence. With the narrator which is your life now silent, that constant “play by play” now turned off, you will then get to live inside your life, and no longer experience it from a distance.

You let go of someone who’s living that life, and then in exchange, what you get, your reward, is that you get to be that life itself.

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