So What Is The Point Of Using Twitter And Why Should I?

Why Should I Twitter? Twitter is a free to join social networking site as well as a mini-blogging platform-service that allows members and users to send real time “updates”, know as “tweets”, which are text-based posts, immediately posted to the Twitter site. The updates can be posted via SMS short message service, instant messaging, or via applications found on Facebook.

Twitter-Sign Up

Constant updates are displayed on the members profile page and instantly delivered to other members who have signed up to receive the tweets. The sender can also restrict delivery to who can receive updates. Users and members can receive the text updates directly from: the Twitter website, SMS, RSS, instant messaging, email or through apps.

So if you are wondering what the point that this Twitter thing is, and how you as a website owner or marketer, can use it for expanding your business. At times, one of the biggest obstacles is just wrapping your head around the concept and benefits of these types of social based networking services.

At one time, it was suggested that Twitter was just another hyped up source solely designed to promote spam, or at the very least, offer some type of deceptive marketing. Well, yes it can basically be used as that if you wish, but that does not mean you should avoid it.

Twitter is a service that is really booming in growth
It is a great marketing and communications tool that you can immediately use to drive focused traffic and visitors to your site, blog, or wherever you like.

Twitter has suddenly caught on with the majority of the big bloggers out there, as they now actively Tweet, primarily to drive in free traffic. Other successful online marketers are increasingly using this free service as well, as it is a great source to instantly network with your peers, or to communicate with your customers.

So if you ulilize Twitter properly, it can be a powerful method for traffic generation as well as a relationship building tool. Twitter by some loyal followers claim that it is becoming a new Web 2.0 based search engine, as whatever and whomever you are looking for, is presented to you in instant real time.

Twitter posts can happen extremely fast…
For example, if someone, somewhere witnesses an event, they could instantly get on their mobile phone, maybe take a few pictures and post it immediately to their Twitter account, thus it becoming an instant – Real-Time news information sharing tool.

Twitter can also be used as a “crowd sourcing” tool
Anyone on Twitter can post and ask for recommendations such as “What’s the best LCD Monitor for the price?” and in a matter of mere minutes, there will be a handful of replies from other users giving you great instant “peer to peer” unbiased feedback and advice.

Web 2.0 communication methods such as Twitter, Facebook, blog discussions and feedback creates tighter relationships with your friends and customers . You can now communicate and reply instantly, giving it a real personal touch. - Too Busy To Get Your Post Secondary Degree? Save Time And Money By Getting It Online
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