So What Is The iPhone And What Is The Apple iPhone Price

The iPhone is a technological breakthrough. This hand held device is part iPod, part cell phone and part wireless internet browser. The features that come with the anticipated iPhone is remarkable. The iPhone allows you to listen to itunes music, watch movies and videos, use the cell phone and text messaging and take videos and photos. All this along with on board Wi-Fi, allowing for fully functional internet surfing capabilities. The Apple iPhone is truly an all in one communications device.

The iPhone prominently displays a 3.5″ touch screen display enabling the user to input information and navigation information very similar to the iPod.

The iPhone uses a version of the Apple Mac Safari internet browser which allows for complete web sites to be loading and resized for viewing on the iPhone screen. It also allows for zooming in and out of the web pages. Presently if you want to download videos or music from iTunes, you are required to use your existing PC to download the vids, movies or music first, and then transfer that media to the iPhone. In the future, look for this to be corrected to allow for direct downloads.

If you are looking to purchase the iPhone, there are presently two options available. A 4GB model retailing at $499 and a 5GB version that retails for $599. The Apple iPhone is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2007.

AT&T or Cingular Wireless is presently the exclusive U.S. iPhone authorized carrier through 2009. So if you are interested in buying the Apple iPhone and don’t currently use the AT&T network, you may have to switch carriers.

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