So Are You Working Hard But Not Really Getting Nowhere? Then Read ‘Mind Secrets Exposed’

So do you feel you are working too hard but feel like you are just spinning your wheels? You like to take action, you learn and adsorb as much information as possible by reading articles, ebooks, joining memberships to further your knowledge. Well for most, that is too much “work” for the majority of the ‘dreamers’ out there who claims they want to achieve success and be self reliant, when all they’re really hoping for is a lucky break or a free handout.

If you are truly an action taker willing to spend time and money creating the ideal life that you envision for yourself, because of this alone, you deserve to break through the doldrums and get a bigger dose of success aimed your way. Unfortunately for most, this just isn’t the reality.

Most people working online are struggling just to get by and realize a profit. Heck most people in internet marketing aren’t even generating revenue, much less a profit. The 90/10 rule is in full effect here.

There are however a multitude of reasons for this. Some factors that may have a major impact and influence on an entrepreneur’s success or failure are…

Learning The Hard Way…
There is a concept of transformation that for many, represents a lesson that is very difficult to understand, learn and put into action. There really is no reason however to put yourself through a great deal of unnecessary stress over this. There is no reason to take the drawn out ass-whopping before the proverbial ‘light-bulb’ finally clicks in your head.

The truth is for many, staring down the entrepreneurial path, actually go about the process backwards. We all spend a lot of time learning the marketing strategies and tactics that have been proven to work by others, and then we work hard at figuring out how align the methods for our own business marketing machine.

To learn, we need to put the time and effort into this type of education. But it’s easy to fall into the trap and then get swept away by our determination to get what we want.

So you follow what they say. You focus your work efforts on getting new online customers, getting a huge opt-in list, get sales for your product etc., but the efforts and results really never seemed to flow the right way.

Slightly Shifting Your Awareness…
If you are willing to slightly adapt your awareness by shifting your efforts and focus towards giving, then things will open up for you in a whole new way. When you shift your focus not on how you can derive personal benefit, but rather on what you can do to help others, and give them exactly what they want, then you will suddenly realize and experience higher levels of success not previously experienced by any amount of hard work and elbow grease.

But Don’t Get This Wrong…
This is not to preach or to peddle some sort of anti humility thought suggesting that it’s wrong for you to want personal success. And it is not wrong that you shouldn’t want the best for yourself and your family… you should aim for and expect the best!

All that is asked is a slight shift towards the core perspective of gratitude and giving, adding massive value and going the extra mile by helping others to create greater success than you thinking “I need to get more money, more sales, more leads…”

The most obvious and funny thing is, you’ve probably know or heard about this before. It is human nature to just blow it off and downplay it every time it comes up feeling you will get to it next.

It Is However Easier Said Than Done…
So your thinking, sure this makes some sense on a theoretical level, but at the core, this concept is highly experimental and you’ll realize that it really doesn’t make complete sense to you until you immerse yourself in it completely. For some people it’s the most obvious thing in the world. But for others, it can be seen as almost counterintuitive. “Sure I know that it’s important to give, and I will get right on it as soon as I can get going.” This type of thinking is an easy trap to fall into.

And Yes It Does Work Every Time…
Without fail, every time you think of ‘getting’ instead of giving, your income will suffer. And without fail, every time you focus on ‘giving’ your income will increase.

And by giving, that does not mean giving away money to charity or clothing to homeless people. Its about giving ‘mentality’ where you consider the type of value you can offer to others first and think about what you get back out of the deal later, if anything at all.

For example, when you give, what you are doing is putting an 110% effort into creating your product or service, so good that it absolutely overwhelms the reader with value. Or, you can give by going out of your way by taking care of that high maintenance customer who is stationed at your ‘help desk’ asking questions that you aren’t obligated to answer.

“Giving” means simply making a sincere effort to have a positive impact on the people around you, whether or not you doing so will put any cash into your pocket.

For those of you who think logically, this idea of creating abundance through giving is not borne from or based on mysticism or metaphysics. The fact is, what we think and our attitudes directly affects our actions and thus the reactions we get from the people we serve.

At the minds conscious level, it’s obvious and pretty well known that our thoughts and our emotions determine what we do. But whats more critical is the impact it has on our subconscious through thought patterns, which in turn plays an even larger role in determining what our actions are.

You Reap What You Sow..
When you are genuinely interested in helping your customers or target prospects, the quality of your product being offered, the manner in which you offer it, determines how it will be received. This alone will easily generate a more successful effort by improved sales, greater after sales customer satisfaction, strong positive testimonials, increased word-of-mouth referrals and returned business.

People can sense if you are just trying to push a product or service on them for an ‘x’ amount of money or when you are trying to create something positive and of value that could help their life through your offer. They will gladly pay for and buy your product or service without thinking twice based on your sincerity alone and are compelled to act in kind.

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