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Twenty three years ago, acclaimed director Oliver Stone introduced us to the money grubbing, deceitful world of the original Wall Street movie. Corporate greed isn’t and hasn’t been illustrated in such a manner since. In his sequel, Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps, corporate raider Gordon Gekko is recovering from a long eight year sentence in prison, for a list of white collar crimes he committed.

The slick shiny suits with flashy suspenders are long gone, replaced now by the boring wardrobe of a middle-class appliance salesman. Now the struggling Gekko, trying to get his life back on track, is attempting to stay on the ‘up and up’, by living off the proceeds of a book he wrote while in prison. Completely abandoned by all his former associates, family, as well as friends, his only asset is the financial savvy regarding trapping money, something that he dominated in the past.

This is enough to intrigue Jake Moore, and able to win over this young protege, a young up and coming ambitious broker who is in search for a mentor of Gekko’s ilk. So what’s in it for good ole Gordy you ask? Jake strategically just happens to be engaged to Gekko’s estranged daughter, Winnie. It also turns out Winnie is sitting on a plump $100 million dollar trust fund set up by Gekko before his big meltdown. Gordon Gekko confesses that Winnie reneged on her once promise to stake his financial comeback once he’s out of prison, as he promises he’s a new changed man.

Young Jake, as he quickly falls under Gekko’s charm and spell, agrees to try to reunite him back with Winnie. So the $100 million dollar question is? Does Gordon Gekko want his daughter’s love back or is he after her fortune? Then begins the mixed bag of interweaving and intersecting subplots, which is anchored by some excellent performances by Douglas and company. He comes across as touchingly vulnerable, as well as hints of the dominating SOB he once was.


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The sense of the greasy menace and terror that made the first original Wall Street so much fun to watch, is unfortunately absent. Oliver Stone puts a lot of faith in this movie on the hands of Josh Brolin, who unfortunately fails disappointingly flat, as a hedge-fund manager named Bretton James, who by all accounts is the new Gordon Gekko.

This movie is a little over two hours plus, and the gleam that the original Wall Street had, this sequel is like watching an aging Rolex Watch that has lost some of its luster. It is however still worth the investment to watch, just don’t expect Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps, to impress you the way the original did.


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