Review Of The Omega 8003 Juice Extractor

We all enjoy fresh fruit along with a variety of vegetables in it’s purest natural edible form, but based on the latest information which has been reported, you can’t avoid the potential greater health benefits that juicing all this produce is able to offer.

Unless you’re an extremely impatient person and don’t have the time to make juice out of your food, the Omega 8003 Juicer is an excellent appliance, especially if you’re new to juicing.

The Omega 8003 is able to adequately handle oranges, apples and carrots to liquid perfection. It won’t get bogged down like some of the other juicers by its ability to puree delicious drinkable juices out of spinach, wheatgrass and other vitally nutritious leafy greens.

The Construction Of The Omega 3 Juicer
The majority of other juicers are mechanically driven by what’s known as a centrifugal motor. These are known to violently grade as well as shred away on what ever food you put in it. The Omega 8003 Juicer however uses what’s known as a dual-screen, single auger motor.

What this means is that the single auger doesn’t chew out or cut up the food as it will mash the pulp forward instead, forcing it directly towards the edge of the cone using the pressure created by the spinning auger.

The end result is the juice yield is definitely a lot greater and smoother than what the other juicers on the market can provide. One example comparison is the Braun Centrifugal juicer, which isn’t able to handle wheatgrass for instance.

The actual pulp from the Omega 8003 is drier and if you want, you can easily put the pulp back through the juicer, making yet more juice, resulting in minimal wastage. Putting the excess pulp derived from the Braun juicer into the Omega 8003 can actually make several extra tablespoons of juice.

The Omega 3 Juicer Comes Out On Top

Of all the juicing machines which have been researched and put into actual tests, the Omega 8003 comes out on top for efficiency, as it beats out each and every one of the competition, especially the ones near the same price point. After a few months of testing, using the Omega 3 juicer on almost a daily basis, it just keeps on humming along and performing precisely without malfunctioning.

Quietness Of Use
The majority of the juice extractors which are currently available all tend to be lawn mover noisy. Although the Omega 8003’s motor is extremely strong and durable while operating with authority, it’s also extremely quiet. So you can easily begin your juicing in the early morning hours or late at night without waking up everyone in your household or the neighbors.

It’s also extremely compact in size as the folding handle which is located on the top of the unit makes moving it around a lot easier than the other juicing machines. The entire construction of the Omega is extremely solid and is backed up with a solid 10-year warranty.

Questions About Juicing
Juicing itself to some can be a relatively subjective issue. There are some who wants to process large amounts of fruits or vegetables and they want it immediately for consumption. While the Omega 8003 juicer isn’t necessarily as quick as some of the centrifugal juicers, and although it can’t handle some soft fruits such as bananas or strawberries quite as good, it still adequately gets the job done.

The quality of the juice which the Omega 8003 produces is generally better. The only other juicer that’s currently available which is comparable is the Green Star juicer, which is known to be a lot harder to clean, bigger in footprint size, and close to twice the price. Since the Omega 8003 has only a few actual moving parts, it’s by far the easiest as well as the fastest juicer to clean.

You’re also able to use the Omega as a food processor and even as a grinder for coffee beans, garlic, flour, etc. There are also a few attachments which are available if you’re wanting to make baby food, nut butter, pasta, frozen desserts, just to mention a few.

For those who may be concerned about the potential destruction of the enzymes due to the heat that’s created while juicing, there’s no real concern since the Omega 8003’s auger grinds slow enough, so it’s not able to generate enough heat.

Although the actual mechanical process of crushing and then squeezing all the food matter through a screen will always cause friction, it’s not really that big of an issue for most users.

There’s also a concern of the food oxidizing. Every juicer available will naturally introduce some oxygen into the juice making process simply because of the actual mechanical grinding process of extraction. The loss of nutrients however is minimal.

The Omega 8003 does an admiral job when grinding down the majority of the fruits and vegetables adequately, and also does an excellent job being able to reduce the amount of foam buildup.

For instance, in one test, two carrots from the same batch was juiced. One was juiced using a centrifugal juicer, while the other was juiced using the Omega 8003. The end result was a lot less noticeable foam that was created when using the Omega juicer. The actual color of the juice itself was also darker and richer as well.

The Omega 8003 Juicer Recommended
Overall, for the general all purpose juicing which is required in your household, the Omega 8003 juicer is an excellent choice. It’s an excellent way of naturally making healthy pure juices from your favorite fruits and vegetables. All this with no chemical additives which is used primarily for preservation purposes when bought from the local health store.

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