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The physically convincing Natalie Portman literally leaves blood on the stage as ballerina Nina Sayers, but director Darren Aronofsky—so very kind to his female characters in Requiem for a Dream—pushes her for a one-note performance. That note is petulance to the point of tears, with her querulous eyebrows graphic representations of the two Swan Queens she’s to play in an allegedly new take on Swan Lake.

If the director, who displayed considerable passion for another performance art in The Wrestler, has any interest in ballet as more than a novel horror-movie setting, it isn’t evident here. Almost everything is shot in claustrophobic, handheld close-ups, and dance-world insights are offered only as evidence of Nina’s pathologically constricted life. (He hints at The Red Shoes, but the aesthetic is much closer to The Red Shoe Diaries by way of David Cronenberg.) She still lives with her mother (Barbara Hershey), surrounded by fluffy pink remnants of childhood, and has the usual penchant for hurting herself. But unlike Isabelle Huppert’s similarly stunted character in The Piano Teacher, Nina hasn’t developed a mask personality to allow her to function in the highly competitive classical sphere.

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For fans of Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan engages some of the director’s best tropes. It is thankfully more Pi than The Wrestler, more Requiem for a Dream than.

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I will say that this was by far one of the darkest, scariest, and most grotesque movies I’ve ever seen. But for me, and for a lot of other women, what took center stage wasn’t the bouts of crazy. It was Natalie Portman’s body.

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This makes our tearful tutu wearer’s success baffling and leaves her defenceless against the bullyings of the mother, her Balanchine-like boss (Vincent Cassel), a seductive new frenemy in the company (Mila Kunis), and the prima ballerina she replaces (a cruelly used Winona Ryder). Credited to three writers, the screenplay is loaded with clichés that would have been happy in Showgirls. Tchaikovsky’s music is “augmented” by cheesy synthesizer effects, and there are plenty of M. Night Shyamalan shock cuts, plus a whole army of doppelgängers, adding to the overall feel of high-toned, if highly entertaining, trash. Black Swan pretends to be making some colour-coded statement about what artists must sacrifice for their craft. But if Nina is completely nuts, what difference does that make?


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