Resveratrol Side Effects – Where To Buy Resveratrol The Red Wine Antioxidant

For some time now, what’s now known and promoted as resveratrol, has been on the health market as an almost ‘miracle’ formula to fight certain cancers, help you lose weight, and promote anti-aging. It has also been on the radar of the scientific and medical communities as well. The reason is to break down the exact properties that resveratrol contains, to see what types of antioxidants it contains etc. It’s properties and it’s claims has prompted a lot of studies on how resveratrol can actually be beneficial for your health.

Resveratrol Select claims it’s also good for the heart, it controls or eliminates tumors, aides in weight loss and slows down the aging process. So on the surface, it seems almost too good to be true, that any one product can perform all these ailments.

Like any other product that’s developed to help us in curing certain areas of our health, there is bound to be some underlying side effects in taking Resveratrol, that could potentially affect us.

So What Are The Resveratrol Side Effects?
Well, recent clinical studies have shown that for some people taking resveratrol, they may end up having mild diarrhea, experience minor headaches, and have slightly elevated anxiety levels. Most of these effects are pretty well common with a wide range of natural or counter medication, so these issues shouldn’t not be much of a concern. There are however some steps you can take to reduce these risks. One way is to start taking moderate doses, generally around 20 to 50mg, and then gradually increase the dose, but it’s recommended you stay below 500mg. Also, take into account your age, body size, weight and current health status.

Another potential side effect of taking resveratrol is the thinning of the blood. So if you are already currently on blood thinning medication, you should contact your doctor or avoid taking resveratrol altogether. Generally, you should always consult you doctor anyways, before taking or starting any health or diet plan, especially if you’re suffering a certain condition.

It is important that you understand resveratrol produces mild estrogenic activity, that has yet to be completely evaluated in humans. So what does ‘mild estrogenic’ mean? For women, who may be having any estrogen sensitive conditions, which may include some forms of cancers, it’s recommended you stay away from the product, as it can potentially aggravate the condition, thus making it worse. Also, it’s also not recommended for women who are currently pregnant or nursing a newborn. Taking resveratrol at this stage can potentially cause birth and/or growth defects.

Children should also avoid taking resveratrol. To most, this may seem obvious, but there’s a great misconception surrounding it. Some people have the impression that taking resveratrol can help anyone because of its natural health benefits. However, these health benefits are based on adults; as resveratrol is aimed towards preventing any damage, that’s caused primarily by the aging process and certain lifestyles, two issues that children obviously do not have to worry about. As they are still growing, their cells are still in development; so giving them resveratrol could result in anti-growth side effects.

Resveratrol Select is considered to be an excellent natural product for what it claims to be. In fact, some people are calling it a medical breakthrough. Just make sure that before you purchase the product yourself, that you consult your doctor or health practitioner to avoid suffering any of these potential side effects.

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