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A Brief Introduction To Google Adwords PPC Program
Facebook last year launched their own answer to Google ‘AdWords’, Pay Per Click program, by introducing the ‘social ads’ program. Pay Per Click advertising (or PPC) is a concise business advertising model offered by a handful of online advertising companies, and not just Google. Google AdWords however is still the premier service out there, because… well its Google.

The concept of PPC advertising is actually quite simple. If you look back, way back… traditional advertising online or offline was about getting your message out to the masses and hoping to hook as many people as possible. Sort of like throwing out a fishing net and catching as many plump tuna as you can. So the advertiser’s only option was to pay for the advertisement to be shown, via mass media, and regardless of how many or how few people actually seen your advertisement, you would still pay for for that ad to ‘run’.

Pay Per Click advertising however, focusing on the AdWords program, changed the landscape of online advertising forever. With its PPC advertising program, you only pay, if and when your potential customer takes action when seeing your ad.

So it can be argued that Google AdWords placed the power back to the advertisers by allowing them to just pay for ads that drew a response from their target buying audience.

AdWords bases their strategy on and around specific ‘keywords’ that the advertisers feel best represents the product or service they are attempting to promote. The end target market, based on what they search for, would be presented with the advertisers ad. A win / win situation.

So this advertising model, in the early days, was quite successful. It was not only the best targeted advertising available, the only cost was just a few pennies per click when that focused targeted customer clicked on the ad of interest. As a result, Pay Per Click for Google was a huge success, and still one of their most profitable cash cows.

Facebook And Their Pay Per Click Formula ‘Social Ads’

So fast forward to… Facebook has entered the PPC market with their ‘Social Ads’ advertising program, exclusive only to Facebook members. (Where Adwords is open to the masses). So when it was developed, they designed it hoping it would be the next generation of the PPC advertising model.

The idea and advantage behind the ‘Social Ads’ program, both for the PPC advertiser as well as the end target Facebook user, is that they are part of this same social network. These ads appear either as part of the advertisers ‘News Feed’ in the form of sponsored content or the ad integrates into the visible ad space that appears on the left hand side of the Facebook users page.

The main reason why these ads are called ‘Social Ads’ is because instead of random ads appearing in the Facebook users ‘News Feed’ or ‘Profile’ page, instead, the ads appear alongside the Facebooks users page based on that members specific ‘profile’ such as: their likes and dislikes, status, age group, geo location, education etc.

Because the ads are presented in this particular way, the idea of the ‘Social Ads’ is that it will blend your business offer into the users profile. This is the reason why the Facebook ad can appear either on the left Ad Space, which is visible to all users as they browse Facebook, or as a part of Facebook’s ‘News Feed’ service, where ads will be strategically placed and blended into the context of relevant social articles and stories.

The main advantage Facebook has over other PPC advertising models such as AdWords is that the advertising material is only received by fellow Facebook community friends and members. Facebook feels that this fact alone makes the viewer more receptive of the advertising material.

The second advantage Facebook ‘Social Ads’ has is that unlike AdWords, that can only target a particular type of end customer via keywords or context, ‘Social Ads’ are able to target potential customers far more accurately. You can pinpoint by: sex, age, race and any other social factors you can think of, as well as geographical targeting as well.

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