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We will provide accurate and unbiased product reviews based on a protocol where the developer or creator of a new product will ask our reviewers to analyze and review their product.
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The primary products used in these reviews fall under the following categories: cars, games, technology, software. Certain bought or paid reviews will obviously have the potential for biased reviews, as the reviewer will be financially compensated by the developer of the product or item that’s being evaluated.

Our requirements are that all our reviews must provide true, fair and useful information to the intended consumer audience. In certain cases, a review that is bought may be independent, if the reviewer has a strong reputation for accurate independent integrity. If “bought reviews” from a respected reviewer is actually independent, the perception and possible potential bias will still remain, based on the financial remuneration between the product developer and the critic.

There are also similar ‘types’ of reviews that may be deemed biased in nature based on the writer. When there is a review of a certain product, event or film, and it’s written by a reviewer who is sympathetic or emotional towards that product based on a previous connection to it, either in terms of an employment or business relationship, or any other type of link. As an example, say a major media company that owns a variety of digital media, internet properties, print media and television or recording companies may instruct an employee in one of its outlets to write a review of a certain product being released by the same conglomerate’s say… internet company.

Although some reviewers may and should assert and use their utmost unbiased, professional and independent integrity, and produce a fact based review, some other reviewers may just succumb to the pressure, and write a favorable biased “puff piece review” which will praise the product in question, while not including any relevant discussion of any product shortcomings.

So in some cases, a review may purport to the event or product and just provide favorable biased words instead of the truth. Words such as (“An amazing product”); or (“probably the most important product of the year”) and fill it with “tabloid-style” material which is peripheral or completely irrelevant in assessing the true qualities of that product.


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