Plea To The Ignorant Why Your Son May Never Get Married

why your son needs help nowGetting married in the culture that we live in faces different challenges for both your son and your daughter. What you’re wanting, what your dream is, when you had kids was for them to be as happy and successful as possible.

You raised them the best way that you could. You tailor to their every need while grooming them to be marriage material and a contributor to society.

You raise your son to be a loving responsible father and man, you raise your daughter to be a respectable lady.

You wish they get well paying jobs, get married to the perfect partner so they can give you healthy grandchildren in return. This so they can carry on your family name and financial equity. This is the cycle of life which you want as you grow older.

Your daughter, the girls of the family have an easier path. They are conditioned to choose and then select the best boy which crosses their path that they like to marry, and have a life with.

Picking her man is based on the “survival of the fittest” mentality. The girls will marry whom they feel can best protect them both financially and physically from harm, so they can feel secure when they start a family.

For the girls, marriage and love comes to them, while the boy needs to go out and fetch the girl and the marriage. The girls are able to pick and choose the boy they like the most, the boy who comes to their door and best woos them.

The girls will choose the boy, get the approval of their friends and social circle, get the blessing of their parents, and will then wait to be asked to marry. This is your daughters destination, her path.

Your daughter will then begin a family with her strong supporting husband with the well paying job, meeting her every need, while she bears and raises your grandchildren.

Boys Live In A Completely Different World
Before you say man up you little wimp, the life path is the polar opposite for your son, especially in the culture that we’re raised in. Not all boys are born as the perfectly strong and ideal man that other girls flock to and are looking to marry.

Most boys are socially awkward and if they’re not physically dominant, they will continue to be overlooked and bypassed by the other strong handsome boys who have more potential or money, the same type of guy that your daughter is looking for.

This because the girls, your daughter, will always select the most powerful boy that they can who is in their wheelhouse, and if your boy doesn’t measure up in some areas, he will be overlooked.

If your boy isn’t a physical specimen, or extremely brilliant to become a financial genius, he will fall backwards into the pack and pecking order, and will begin to lose confidence.

He will become disappointed that he’s failed you. Once they reach an age when their life path begins to teeter on the balance, such as 30 years of age, he will begin to feel that he let you down. He feels that he failed in providing you with your dream, grandchildren to carry on the family name.

Did you know that there are 19% percent of men who are over 40 that will never marry. They realize that it’s not for them as they begin to blame poor natural selection or genetics, poor parenting, while they begin to struggle with a life going nowhere fast.

Then they become a burden to society and their aging parents. The mom and dad feel responsible for raising a boy that didn’t make it in society. They feel the obligation because they gave birth to this boy and now feel partially responsible since he ended up single, never to marry or have children, and may die alone.

So is this your son? Do you see him going down the same path. Do you see the same traits which afflicts 19% percent of the male population.

What You Can Do To Help Your Boy Now
You mom, may of already resolved to and have accepted the fact that your boy may never marry, but the hope lives on. The time to help him is now as yours and his life depends on it. You as a parent will blame him, however, as he is an adult now and on his own, and you set him off in life the best way you knew how.

Girls, if he is your brother then at the least feel his pain, show a bit of empathy. You grew up with him and shared a common bond at the family table. Now you are married, may have children of your own, and you just wonder what happen to him.

That boy that you knew, that boy who was once by your side, when did the wheels fall off for him. But then you don’t care, you’re happy with your life, you’ve succeeded, he’s on his own.

So mom, please talk to him instead of just holding hope that he’ll still make it on his own. Hear his silent cry for help. Now is the time to help him anyway that you can.

Reset him on the right path by helping him financially while giving him your full and undivided support, and if you’re courageous enough, tap back into and then restore that confidence back in him to place him on the proper path. Your support is dearly needed as he’s too proud to ask for it himself.

Tell him directly and sincerely on your wishes of he getting married, tell him you want grandchildren, tell him you’ll support him along the way any way that you can. This is what he wants to hear from you right now.

Help Him Before It’s Too Late
So instead of avoiding this collision, mind your own business first, don’t ignore it and try to fix this while you still can. Otherwise, your biggest burden and worry will by your boy, who may die alone.

You realize by now that as you grow older, you can’t take the money that you’ve accumulated over your life with you to your grave. So make a point of distributing it out to those who need the money, wisely. Also while your still alive, make a pledge to do everything that you can to help him out any way that you can.

Pass along your support since he dearly seeks out your help. In return, he will be grateful and help you out any way that he can as you age. Doing so will at the very least reduce the worry of what will ever happen to him once you’re no longer among the living.

You as a parent will become one of his few support lines as he begins to age himself, as you both look back into your lives in an attempt to trace what went wrong, where the communication lines broke, what in your life you could of done differently.

Do this for your own good, so don’t remain smug and ignorant or judgmental as you’re failing as a parent. Help him now when you still can and do it now. Look after his welfare, otherwise it will become your biggest worry which will haunt your life.

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