PC Magazine Lists Their Top 100 Favorite Blogs Of 2007

Further proof that the blog shall inherit the earth. The virtual world wide web earth that is. PC Magazine has compiled a list of their top 100 favorite blogs, most likely based on popularity, readership, quality of content etc., featuring almost every subject imaginable including: Online Marketing, Starbucks Coffee, Music and Movie Reviews, Blogs about blogging, Electronic Gadgetry, Recipes and cooking… the list of subjects featured is quite extensive.

Of the millions of blogs out there, these are picked as the best. The cream of the crop. The par exquisite. They all represent unique in demand content and are presented it in fine written penmanship. The PC Magazine top 100 favorite blogs of 2007.
PC Magazine Top 100 Favorite Blogs

Here Are A Few Of My Favorite That Are Bookmarks

Boing Boing – boingboing.net
It’s a smorgasbord of everything cool and funky about the web and their writers present it in an unique presentation of dash and flair.

Drudge Report – drudgereport.com
Reading the drudge is a step beyond the masses. At times it exposes stories and headlines before they appear mainsteam. A very popular virtual rag that commands over 10 million visitors.

Engadget – engadget.com
Keep up to date on everything that is tech. Engadget will present up to date information, news and rumors on everything electronic. A great source to hit.

Mashable – mashable.com
Everything updated on anything that is happening in the Web2.0 world. The group of writers at Mashable cover the latest scoops on social networking sites including: myspace, facebook, google, digg etc. Always fresh and up to date.

SEO Black Hat – seoblackhat.com
Hey someone once said, if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. SEO black hat devotes it’s blog to expose SEO techniques to rapidly flush out your website to the top of the charts. Good reading on tips that the big boys use.

Sure there are other excellent blogs out there. But if you need top notch information and quick. This is an excellent place to start.

PC Magazine Top 100 Favorite Blogs

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