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What Physically Happens To Your Body When You Think Negative

Thinking negative is the default setting. We come across something that we’re uncertain about, and by autopilot response, we think negatively about it, thinking what could go wrong. We set up a human security shield, this to keep us from

The Art Of The Negotiating Dictates You Make The First Offer

Whenever there’s any type of disagreement, it usually becomes a negotiation. A test of will to reach a middle ground, to resolve a standoff that both sides can agree upon. There are a variety of situations in life which requires

The Selective Mindset Displayed To Becoming An Elite Athlete

A dedicated focus of mindset is considered to be an extremely important and essential contributor, this for peak athletic performance. This stage of mind has become apparent when witnessing the behaviors of the talented athletes among us, this over a

Jumping To Conclusions Is The Only Mental Exercise Some Take

Feeling anxiety has become an epidemic, as now it’s measured as one of the most featured mental health issues that many face today. What our mind is flooded with are messages from mass media regarding how in peril our lives

Taking Effective Mindful Steps To Maximize Your Functional IQ

What many claim is that we’re born with a certain IQ, this for our brains to effectively process information, to understand and be logical. That we inherit these traits from our parents or hereditary generations above us, this to make

Common Foods To Consume Which Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes, which is a medical condition that’s classified under a group of metabolic diseases, all have something in common, which is they all have high blood sugar levels. If the condition is left unattended, the result can be kidney failure,

How The First 5 Minutes Instantly Reveals Your Personality

So there you are, you’re nervous as heck, as if you’ve never done this before, you’re meeting someone for the first time. Whether it be a romantic date or a business meeting, your initial reaction, usually subconsciously, reveals what your

Secret Scientific Methods To Effectively Lose Weight For Good

Most find that diets usually don’t work. What you try is the latest greatest shiny new diet on the market, and you may be able to lose some weight. But more often than not, that weight is likely to return,

Starting Today You Begin Living The Successful Life You Want

Success means different things to different people, some consider it a pinnacle, conquering what they want to achieve, a goal. It’s often thought that success is thinking differently than others, this because those who think advanced, consistent, achieve more. It

How To Get That Swagger That Purpose Back Into Your Step

There’s so much that you can do in your life right now, so much effort that you can expend, so many times that you can say “I will.” There are limited times that you can do all your favorite things

Darn You Facebook How Dare You Ruin My Perfect Relationship

Facebook is the great reveal, it’s completely transparent and it can expose everything. What you don’t intend is to snoop or stalk on your online friends, current relationships, partner, or that person of interest. What they do is none of

Why The Good Boys And Girls Fall For The Rebellious Type

Those who are raised on high moral standards, an outstanding upbringing, can at times grow up and want to be bad. The “nice” boy or girl becomes attracted to the rebel from the other side of the tracks. There are

To Look Forever Young How To Appear Fresher Than You Are

This the great battle we all face, and that’s to look younger than our chronological age, this to show up your Facebook profile, to look better than your peers. But what the ravages of time does is it attacks our

How To Know If You’re Dating A Psychopath Or A Psychedelic

What we’re told is to find a relationship in life, this to become full fledged adults. Hopefully, there’s romance then intimacy, our lives becoming complete. But most relationships are rarely perfect, traumatic, leaving psychological scars needing emotional healing. This is

Invite The Flow Activate The Freedom Of Flying On Your Own

What we all ultimately strive for is wealth, health, and love, which leads to unconditional happiness in over lives. But what are we willing to sacrifice to achieve these things. What’s the formula to creating this peaceful serene calm of

Reasons Why You Get Out Of Bed And Still Feel Dog Tired

One of the biggest battles in life is to jump joyfully out of bed every morning. Most struggle to do so. There are multitudes who feel more tired waking up than they did going to sleep the night before. The

What’s The Point Of Blogging If You Don’t Get Any Traffic

Why do you blog. Some blog just for the sake of blogging. They get no traffic, no conversions, they make no money. Have you checked your Alexa Rating lately. If your Alexa rank is in the millions, then your blog

Reasons Why You Will Gain Weight After Your Intense Workout

Doesn’t seem right, that you’ve just finished your vigorous workout, and what you do post workout can actually result in unwanted weight gain. After the workout is one of the most critical times to capitalize on your workout, otherwise the