Giving You Our Best Modern Unbiased Reviews

Giving You Our Best Modern Unbiased Reviews


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We provide current reviews of live events, sporting events, music and concerts, movies and pertinent news events… which will typically be short, prompt and to the point, fact based articles that will accurately inform readers about the performance or event. The comments by the reviewers will fall into two categories: technical reviews or artistic subjective.

Review On – Online Search Engine and PPC Marketing Optimization Services

DiscountClick is a SEO Marketing Service specializing in optimizing and obtaining top rankings for your website on major search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, MSN amongst others. The proverbial “needle in a virtual haystack” doesn’t ring more true than it

Buy Me A Beer or Rootbeer or Coffee WordPress Plugin Widget

This is a new twist to the old “Paypal donate button”. You can place a beer or coffee cup icon on your sidebar, so your faithful wordpress readers can throw a few dollars your way to buy you a beverage

Getting The Lowest Rate For Home Equity Loans

Getting The Lowest Rate For Home Equity Loans How do you get the lowest rate for a home equity loan? First, lets discuss how a home equity works and how it’s calculated. A home equity loan is a line of

Getting The Best Rates For Certificate of Deposits

How do you get the best rates for certificates of deposits, which are more commonly referred to as CD’s? Before we can explain where you can get the best rates, here is an explanation on what a certificate of deposit

Review On VenPar – Private Equity Global Venture Capital Funding From Venture Alliance Partners

VenPar, an international venture capitalist, is interested in your longterm success. VenPar seeks an alliance as an investor to your entrepreneurial spirit and will take it to the next level and steps beyond. Venture Alliance Partners (VenPar) will provide capital

Review On – Google Cash Detective – A Free Ebook By Chris Carpenter

Try to imagine having the creator and author of the very successful “Google Cash” ebook and famous Google Adwords expert, Chris Carpenter, contact you directly on a daily basis to give you the following information: – which affiliate programs to

Masterseek – A Global Business Search Web Engine

Masterseek is a business orientated international global search and directory engine that provides precise information for over 45 million companies in 75 countries worldwide. Masterseek allows you to retrieve immediate profiles and information on international or local companies. The results

Review On Gobala Krishnan – Internet Home Business Marketing

If you are interested in starting or maximizing your internet home business, Gobala Krishnan is one of the fast rising stars in a new breed of successful entrepreneurs utilizing the latest leading edge methods of making money online. Gobala Krishnan

Movie Ratings Now Considering Smoking On Screen Will Get An “R” Rating

Smoking cigarettes on screen in movies may now receive a “R” rating. How times have changed when smoking and chugging a mickey of lemon gin in a movie was a cool thing to do.

God Is In The Details… or The Long Tail – A Book By Chris Anderson

So went to bookstore the other day, sat down and quickly skimmed Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail”. A book describing the climate and the trend of the marketing world as we know it, and how it is being influenced by

Get Instant Access to Thousands of Work-at-Home Freelance Jobs

This Site Is One Of The Best Places to Find Freelance Jobs Online Today Now just imagine… you working at home and earning a high income, working when you want, selecting the work projects that interests you, choosing your own

Jeff Johnson – The Confessions Of An Underground Marketing Insider Video

This Is The Confessions Of An Underground Internet Marketing Insider – Jeff Johnson. Who Uses Only Free Traffic To Generate Millions Of Visitors. There were hundreds of people in attendance and over a dozen speakers as well as VIP guests

Creative Viral Marketing For Your Website or Blog By Giving Away Free Reports

It’s a pretty well known fact that everybody loves getting something for free. Like you giving away free informative niche reports or ebooks written by someone else. You can use these free reports which are written by other authors as

PC In A Bottle – Drink Drive and Surf on The Information Superhighway

Now why hasn’t anyone thought of this before. Customized PC’s in a variety of bottles. clipped from PC in a Bottle  

“Death Of The Salesletter” A Free Ebook By Copywriting Guru Michel Fortin

The internet is a free medium for communication. Its original intention being a free source of no cost two way interactive communication. But the internet began taking the same path its big bully brothers, TV and radio did. TV has

Review On John Reese – The Rebirth of Internet Marketing

John Reese is a marvel. He started in the concept of making money with a personal computer using online BBS, then using the internet when it was primarily a tool to communicate via text on a computer screen rather than

3 Worthy Plugins To Consider For Your WordPress Blog

1.) WordPress Widgets Plugin The WordPress Widget allows you to customize your WordPress sidebar by inserting a widget. What is a widget? All that you need to do is just drag and then drop items such as: (text, archives, recent

Five Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Writing Juices Going

Writing articles does not mean putting down thoughts into words then just typing and writing. What you need to do is capture the interest of your reader and get them to keep on reading. To get your message across you