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We provide current reviews of live events, sporting events, music and concerts, movies and pertinent news events… which will typically be short, prompt and to the point, fact based articles that will accurately inform readers about the performance or event. The comments by the reviewers will fall into two categories: technical reviews or artistic subjective.

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Fully Functional Forum

WordPress, as we all know is primarily an open source blogging platform, and a very good one at that. The developers and application programmer community of WP are continuously spreading its efforts to create a bigger and better blog. Various

Get Free Stuff For You New Baby – A Comprehensive Baby Checklist

Hey, welcome little new baby. So the bundle of joy is finally coming home. When you are preparing your home for the arrival of your new baby, here is a compiled safety checklist of things you may require. If this

Universal Medical ID Offers Attractive Functional Personalized Medical Identification Jewellery

If you unfortunately suffer from a critical medical condition such as: diabetes, stroke, epilepsy, heart transplant, asthma, memory or vision impairment, wearing fashionable medical id jewelry from Universal Medical ID is the perfect solution. Since you are required to wear

Review On – Explode Your Sales Conversion Rate By Giving Away Your Product For Free

TrialPay is taking steps towards a cashless payment system. TrialPay offers you an alternative to paying cash for a tangible or digital product or service that you are interested in buying! So instead of whipping out your credit card or

A Truly Unbiased Review Of ‘Fools Gold’ The Movie

Movies are about escape, people. Its about actors who are pretending to be other people, other people who are not you. You adore and love them for their personality, how they look, their charm and sex appeal and the lives

The Skinny On “The Flat Belly Diet” As Featured On Rachel Ray’s TV Show

The Flat Belly Diet book made prime time TV, as it was featured on the popular Rachael Ray Show and here is a video clip. The segment describes exactly what the eating and diet plan in the book entails. Rachel

Creating Easy Fun Viral Facebook Applications Will Make You Money

Silently there are marketers making some serious money by creating Facebook applications on the wildly popular social networking platform. Facebook is as some would describe Myspace for bigger boys and girls. These Facebook apps are basic software programs that are

Forex Currency Trading Systems – Open A Free Forex Demo Account And Trade

What the forex market does is tease. It’s rules due to its simplicity will seduce you. You can make money on the internet picking which direction the dollar, any dollar or currency is headed. One small movement, up or down,

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst Claims ‘Living Parasites’ Inside Your Intestines Keep You Fat! – Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

This review is based on a real doctor and not some ‘health guru’ wanna be, her name is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst. She has just recently release a natural cure in what may possibly put a stop to the use of

How To Perform An Accurate Reverse Cell Phone, Land Line or Unlisted Phone Number Lookup Using ReversePhoneDetective

So we all have been victims of receiving unknown and unwanted phone calls from numbers that we don’t recognize. Or at times, we may miss that important call that may be urgent or need their address or personal information. If

Receive A $25 Voucher By For Using HostGator Web Hosting

Are you looking for an excellent shared or reseller hosting company that has a proven track record for reliability? If so, then try out Hostgator has recently received an ‘Editors Choice Award’ by Findmyhost, a webhost review site, as

The 7 Top Plugins To Fight WordPress Spam As According To Mashable

Hormel Foods invented Spam, and I’m sure they are glad they did. They are the proud manufacturers of the canned processed food product called SPAM, which contains: Shoulder Pork or as they like to call it, “SPiced hAM”, hence the

The Top Traditional Recommended Valentines Day Flowers And Gifts

Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day has always been that special message of love, as well as being a long standing tradition that goes back for centuries. Flowers are still and traditionally have been the most favored and the most popular

How Much Can I Afford For A House – How To Get Approved For A Mortgage You Can Afford

So you may be wondering, “How Much Can I Afford For a House?” Well, there are several things that you can immediately do to get the best mortgage rate, once you determine what you can afford for a house. First, – Protects You From Identity Theft The Fastest Growing Crime In America – Guarantee Your Good Name

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of Identity theft crime, all it takes is just mere minutes for a thief to destroy your good credit and name. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States

Breaking News… Why The Superbowl Is A Farce A Failure To The Fans And A Marketing Disaster

So the Superbowl and the events leading up to the big game is the biggest splurge of party time tucked in neatly between New Years Eve and Valentines Day. For most North Americans, it is the largest sports related bash

If You Embed Videos On Your WordPress Blog – Here Are 7 Essential Plugins You Need

If you regularly upload and embed videos on your WordPress blog, you know it can become a rather time consuming exercise. There is also the opportunity you may also lose your visitor if they want to leave a comment by

Guaranteed Proof You Can Win 97% Of All Sports Bets Says Cornell University Statistics Major

Sports, playing or watching sporting events has consumed time and space amongst millions of enthusiasts. Watching physical competition is one of the favorite pastimes next to well… eating. We all as youngsters played and participated in a variety of athletics,