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Nielsen Media Research is a firm in North America that actively measures media related industries and it’s audiences including: radio, television, movie and films, the internet and print media such as newspapers and magazines. Nielsen Media Research, which is located in New York City with operations in Florida, is better known for the ‘Nielsen Ratings’, which is an accurate measurement and rating system of television viewer ship in the United States and the world. NMR gauges what shows, programs and advertisements TV viewers watches based on a specific time period known as the sweeps.

Nielsen Media Research which began as a division of it’s parent firm, ACNielsen, is an internationally known market research firm. In the mid 1990’s, Nielsen Media Research (NMR), was developed into an independent company, and later was purchased by VNU, a Dutch conglomerate. In 2001, VNU also went forward and purchased ACNielsen, bringing both companies back under one roof again.

The Nielsen TV Ratings which has existed since the TV viewing public of the 1950s, accurately and statistically measures which TV programs are watched based on different segments of the US population. The most well known period is during the months of: Feb, May, July as well as November, which are known as the ‘Nielsen Sweeps’. This is when Nielsen interviewers and representative will ask selected homes to participate by filling out a questionnaire called a ‘diary’ of the programs they watch in their homes for a period of one week. Nielsen also has other ways of measuring American TV viewing habits other than the requested diaries.

Nielsen Media Research, a sister company to Nielsen//NetRatings, measures Internet as well as digital media audiences primarily through telephone and internet surveys. This is along with ‘BuzzMetrics’, which gauges Consumer-Generated Media. ACNielsen also does market research for the film and movie industries through NationalResearchGroup (NRG).

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