Movie Review On “A Christmas Carol” Starring Jim Carrey

Movie Review On “A Christmas Carol” Starring Jim Carrey

Featuring the voices of Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, and Bob Hoskins. Rated G. Opens Friday, November 6

Its hard to imagine what Charles Dickens might have made of Robert Zemeckiss new rendition of his most famous work. The movies strange mash-up of Victorian Christmas-card treacle with horror FX and theme-park-ride gimmicks has been retooled for the Red Bulladdled generation.

Its not like the story is sacred anymore. Kermit the Frog, Bill Murray, Black Adder, and even Michael Moorehating right-wingers (whose American Carol is easily the most offensive rendition) have had their way with it.

Whats odd about A Christmas Carol, though, is that it seems to want to be faithful to Dickenss 1843 novella, sticking closely to its text. In fact, its biggest surprise is that Jim Carreythe man once dubbed Canadas rubber-faced fartsmithcredibly pulls the script off, voicing both Scrooge and the ghosts who terrorize him. But while Zemeckis is busy cranking up the 3-D thrills, he fails to tap the storys moving heart.

A big reason is that Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, who have reduced many generations to tears, become side notes to the spectacle. And Zemeckiss beloved live-capture animation, though it can magnify the hairs down Scrooges red beak and the cracks in his brown teeth, deadens the eyes and gestures of its charactersjust like it did in The Polar Express.

As for the scarier CG effects, Dickenss original story does go to the darkest corners of a mans soulthough a decomposing Marley ghost that hollers so loud his jaw rips open and a few other choice moments will send smaller viewers lured by fun-looking trailers into trauma counselling.

For my money, it all comes down to the doorknocker scene. In Alistair Simss still-tops black-and-white classic, just a glimpse of the shadows of Marleys face in it was chilling enough. Here, it becomes a screeching Ghostbusters-gone-bad explosion of neon-green ectoplasm.

Sometimes, less really is more. I can see the signs at Disneyland alreadyScrooge: The Ride.

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