Movie Review Of Cowboys & Aliens With Preview Trailer

The title really says it all, Cowboys & Aliens, because there were Aliens back then right? That’s around the same time that Jesus was a cowboy. You would have to be a pretty big non sci-fi and Western fan not to be intrigued by this action thriller flick which combines two of the biggest classical film genres. The cowboy with the smoking gun draws his pistol and fights Aliens instead of Indians.

So it starts up as any Wild West movie would, as a mysterious cowboy, (Daniel Craig) is hurt in the desert, suffering from apparent amnesia and a space age weird looking metal bracelet cuff that’s clamped to his wrist.

You don’t want to mess with this dude, but a local cattle baron (Harrison Ford), and his rough cowboy son (Paul Dano), along with a mysterious lass (Olivia Wilde), and a whole gang of the usual desperado’s, including local townsfolk decide to mess with him anyways.

That’s until the UFO, housing the Aliens comes around and decides to distract everyone.

And because it’s a “Western,” you would want to see the Apaches with their Bows and Arrows along with the six-shooters battling the Extra Terrestrials. There’s some good scares in the movie, several excellent action sequences and a few entertaining moments by film director Jon Favreau. Craig turning in his tux for spurs exudes cowboy charisma and Harrison Ford does his best sneer with bite routine.

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But that mother-ship UFO thing gave it all away. A lot of Cowboys & Aliens borrowed pieces from notable sci-fi movies of the past as well as from Westerns as well. The Aliens could have been zombies or anything else foreign and wouldn’t have made any difference.

The title of the movie tells you all you need to know, Cowboys and Aliens, which is a smack you in the mouth, aqua-gun to the face, ET goes home type of cowboy meets space creatures flick.

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