Looking To Shed Pounds This Summer? Look Before You Leap Into Losing Weight From Diet Bug

So are you one of the multitudes looking to lose a bit of weight this summer? Beware, there are numerous unproven weight loss products and supplements out there, and some have proven to be the biggest scams around! For you to lose weight in a healthy way, don’t waste your money on the next magical potion, lotion, creme, pill or juice that hits the internet shelves.

So if you type in “weight loss” or “best diet plans” in your favorite search engine, out pops a variety of diet and weight loss ads and articles which claims ridiculous promises such as:

• “Lose 20 Pounds in 10 Days”
• “30 lbs in 30 weeks – Without Dieting”
• “25 lbs in 25 Days Easy Diet”
• “Weight Loss for Dummies – Easily Lose 9lbs every 10 days”

So what do these ads have in common? Their intention is to get you to try out these usually over the counter ‘hyped up’, dietary products and supplements, which are instantly able to help you in weight loss. Most, if not all these products has shown to be either ineffective or not safe to use. The problem is, there are presently no requirements in the United States for these dietary supplements to be: proven to be safe or effective, or any proof of documented testing and/or results. They don’t have to be approved by the FDA for marketing purposes. Again, they require… NO FDA TESTING, NO FDA APPROVAL. These dietary products are being allowed to be sold on the internet or over the counter without any regulations whatsoever.

You have no way to know if the dietary product even works in helping you lose weight. No way in knowing whether the product is safe to use, or what other products or additives it contains and in what amounts. All you can rely on is the hype and the so called testimonials that the new diet craze works.

Water: Is Drinking 8 Or More Glasses A Day Really Required?
Yes, good old drinking water has even been falsified these days. Based on marketing tactics rather than fact, there is an ingrained myth surrounding what is really a simple pleasure of modern life: when you’re thirsty, you have a nice refreshing glass of tap or bottled water. Simple. There is however a belief that “You must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (the 8 × 8 rule), and it should preferably be bottled water. This is regardless whether you are thirsty or not, regardless of where you live, regardless if you’ve participated in strenuous physical activity or not. In fact, the 8 × 8 water rule is so thoroughly ingrained in our thought patterns that even most health care nutritionists will recommend it and remind you without a moments hesitation.

The 8 × 8 water rule is however bit of a myth. There has not been any real hardcore scientific research done that would indicate us to drink that much water. It is believed this theory began as far back as 1945, when the Food & Nutrition Board recommended “1 ml of water for every calorie of food you eat” which amounts to approximately two and a half quarts of water per day or 75 ounces. What was also mention was that most of the water required was already present in most prepared foods. So in actuality, the required water intake was already in the food we eat.

Trans Fats: The Skinny On The Fat
We increasing hear about the evil trans fats and the necessity to eliminate all of it from our food that we consume. Yes, while reducing trans fat is a good thing, it is however not the entire story. There is a bit of hype regarding trans fat, leading people to believe that just trans fat is evil and that other fats must be ok to consume. This is however not true.

Trans fats, as well as saturated fats raises the LDL level (LDL being the “bad” cholesterol while lowering the HDL levels, which is the “good” cholesterol). Trans fats from food sources provide only 2 to 4 percent of total calories intake, while saturated fat is at 12 percent and there is 34 percent from other ‘fats’ in the typical American diet. So there is a lot more saturated fats in the typical diet than there is trans fat and eliminating just trans fat only solves a small part of the problem.

Fats come in 2 ways, they are either unsaturated or saturated. Just remember that saturated fats is very bad for you and unsaturated fats are only a little bit better. Trans fats however are actually unsaturated fat, but this group of fat is bad for you. The FDA has recently changed food label requirements to show both trans and saturated fats on labels. So you can just add the saturated fat as well as the trans fat to get the total amount of “bad” fat content in a food product.

Just Go Take A Walk!
Just little amounts of moderate exercise is all thats needed, and this is something that we all do, which is walking. Numerous studies show that you really don’t need to join that expensive health club, or buy fancy exercise equipment, or hire a personal trainer to realize that most of these exercises can be replaced by a simple walk.

A recent study has found just walking for 30 minutes per day, 6 days a week can significantly improved your health. This without any changes in your current diet. At the beginning of the ‘walking’ study, 40 percent of the participants tested, met the ‘metabolic syndrome’ risk criteria. By the end of the study, only 26 percent of participants met risk criteria. So what is the ‘metabolic syndrome’ criteria?. It is a set of factors that raises your odds of you developing: diabetes, heart disease or stroke.

To be classified to have metabolic syndrome, you have at least 3 of the following 5 risk factors:

— large waistline
– high blood pressure
– high levels of triglycerides
– low levels of HDL cholesterol
– high blood sugar

It is estimated that around 25 percent of North Americans have symptoms of metabolic syndrome and it’s obviously an excellent idea to reduce as many of these risk factors as possible.

What was also found was improved health benefits depended more on the time spent exercising rather than the intensity. So if you could walk say a certain distance in half an hour, but could jog the same distance in 15 minutes, the results showed it was better to have actually walked for 30 minutes than to have jogged for the 15 minutes. So the duration of exercising, such as walking, was superior to the intensity of running.

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