Improve Your Ailments And Get Healthy By Juicing It Up

thebestnaturaljuicestodrinkYou should be putting your juicer or blender to good use as fresh Juicing happens to be the perfect most naturally nutritious way to give your health an instant boost of energy, while injecting some color and vitality into those dreary days.

So listed are the top juices which you can be easily blend together while matching them up to what your health ailment needs are.

Green Juices Are Excellent For Well… Everything
The color green is a no brainer in what you should be consuming a lot more of, so mom as always, was right. The intake of all those green leafy vegetables does wonders for your health or diet.

All of the fabulous greens such as kale, spinach, broccoli and chard’s, just to mention a few, are classified as some of the very best nutritionally dense and vibrant green foods which are available.

The best method is to just juicing them together into a puree, and you’ll instantly get a super healthy juice food which is extremely rich in vitamins A, C and vitamin K. They are also abundant in minerals such as folic acid, manganese, and magnesium.

The challenge however is making your green juice to be tasty enough for drinking so you’ll come back for more. So it’s ideal to add some fresh apples for sweetness, or try cucumbers and celery.

Cherry Juice To Help You Sleep
If anything has been disturbing your usual sleeping patterns lately, or you just have trouble falling asleep, then blending fresh cherries, when in season, is recommended as the perfect bed-time natural juice drink to help you fall asleep.

Researchers from various Universities has proven that volunteers who has consumed a fresh tart glass of cherry juice for a period of 7 days, resulted in they having higher levels of melatonin in their system. Melatonin is a natural neurological chemical which regulates our sleeping cycles. If you do decide to juice your own, it’s recommended that you use cherries which are as tart and somewhat sour as possible, such as the Montmorency variety.

Pomegranate Juice Is An Excellent Source For The Heart
The vibrant pomegranate fruit, when juiced, is one of the most highly regarded sources for heart health when in it’s liquid form, this according to tests in the past few years. But, should you be believing all the hype?

Recent research has suggested that you most likely should. There has been studies which have concluded that pomegranate juice, which is an excellent antioxidant rich source, contains properties to potentially lower blood pressure, lessen the effects of the “bad” cholesterol, and reduces the hardening of the artery walls.

If you’re wanting to make a homemade drink using pomegranate as the main ingredient, and are wanting to maximize the burst with antioxidants, then try juicing the fresh pomegranate fruit with a bit of mint, lemon and crushed ice.

If you don’t want to bother with the pomegranate seeds, then try the pure natural bottled variety with no additives. You can always mix it with another juice which is freshly squeezed to boost additional vitamin intake.

The Mighty Red Beetroot Juice Is Great For Detoxing
The fabulous beetroot has always traditionally been used for various medicinal purpose, or to improve one’s health, usually as a cleansing agent or to detox the body’s system. There’s also growing evidence to back up these claims by recent scientific research proving indeed that it’s an excellent vegetable to juice in its raw state.

This deep red vegetable is extremely rich in natural nutrients known as Betalains, which helps the liver to eliminate all of the unwanted substances which accumulates in the body.

The beetroot is also rich in vitamin C, which also helps in the detoxification process as well. So get that juicer out and try blending fresh beets together with apples, carrots or celery for sweetness and then detox away.

Grape Juice For Boosting The Brain Faculties
Juicing grapes are excellent if you’re wanting to get or give your brain a natural boost in acuity. The chemicals derived from the grape juice may be just the solution for you.

A recent study has shown that when drinking pure natural grape juice, it has properties which may help in ones cognitive function as well as improving memory. Most of the studies have been tested on the concord variety of grape. This particular grape however is extremely difficult to find in it’s natural fresh state, but are fortunately abundantly available in juice form. Concord grapes are the most commonly used in the majority of the commercial natural grape juices from your local health store.

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