How You Can Attract Everything That You Desire Effortlessly – Really!

Well It’s Can Be As Easy As – Just Being As Simply Irresistible As Possible

How You Can Attract Everything That You Want And Desire Effortlessly!
1. Try creating an environment that naturally pulls yourself forward towards something, leaving issues like discipline and commitment not being an option. Being pulled forward is very attractive, but pushing forward is not.

2. Over respond to every thing that you do. By going over the top and responding, rather than overacting, you are evolving, which is attractive.

3. Build energy reserves in every facet of your life. Having just enough is not simply enough for you to be Irresistibly Attractive. Try to stop running your entire life on adrenaline.

4. Add value just for the heck of it. When you add value to everything you do, just because you like to, people will be naturally attracted to you.

5. Market and showcase your talents shamelessly. If you’re embarrassed about what you do, you won’t come across as very attractive.

6. Feel irresistibly attractive to yourself. Before you can attract others, you have to feel irresistibly attractive to yourself first.

7. Make sure you generate a fulfilling life, and not just have an impressive lifestyle. Having a great lifestyle is attractive, fabulous lifestyles can be seductive.

8. Try to deliver more than what you promise. When you’re constantly and consistently deliver more than expected, people are naturally drawn to you.

9. Do not look too far into the future. Attraction works only in the present, and not in the future.

10. Always be on time, eliminate delays. Time is a valuable commodity and being late or causing delays are very unattractive.

11. Get all your personal needs met first, once and for all. If you have needs that are unmet, you’ll invariably attract others in the same position.

12. Do not tolerate anything. If you put up with something, it will cost you. Any type of cost is expensive and not very attractive.

13. Show or tell others how to please you. Do not make them guess.

14. Endorse and improve on your worst weaknesses. When you know and accept the worst qualities of yourself, you free yourself and are more accepting of others.

15. Be as sensitize as possible. The more that you feel, the more you notice and then respond to other subtle opportunities in the present.

16. Improve your environment. Try creating an inviting environment that brings out the best of you, instead of one that drains you.

17. Try to see how complete and perfect the present is, especially when it’s clearly not.

18. Do things that you only value. When you spend your time doing what you really like to do and fulfills you, you’re then a magnet for attraction.

19. Simplify everything you do. Abandon difficulty and leave enough room for you to attract.

20. Master your specialized craft. Aim to be the best at what you presently do, that way it’s easier to become successful.

21. Just tell the truth. Recognize what the truth is, as it is the most attractive quality of all, and it also requires awareness and skill.

22. Be as human as possible. Then you come across as genuine, that makes you attractive.

Are You A Leader?
1. Do you spend parts your day putting out fires?

2. Do you have concerns about your personal or business life running at maximum speed and efficiency?

3. Do you run your life, work or business on the very edge?

4. Do the same problems resurface over and over on a regular basis?

5. Do you have a difficult time finding someone that you trust, someone who can give you an unbiased objective viewpoint or bounce ideas off of?

6. Is your personal or work life, or business running you?

7. Do you find you are falling behind, you are constantly being unable to make the most of the opportunities presented in your life?

8. Do you periodically experience roller coaster type of highs and lows in your life, work or business?

9. Do you live a ‘lone ranger’ type of lifestyle?

10. Do you allow your goals and purpose to get sidetracked?

11. Are you lacking a clear, action plan to fulfill your ultimate goals?

12. Do you lack the structure in your life?

13. Do you lack inner fulfillment in your life?

14. Do you spend the majority of your day working “in” your work instead of “on” it?

15. Do you consider yourself to be a workaholic?

16. Are you currently experiencing a lack of balance in your life or business?

17. Are you strictly committed to growing your career or your company?

18. Do you consider yourself to be coachable? (Meaning, are you open to hear and then acting on another person’s viewpoint or criticism?)

19. Do you have a clear and concise financial plan for your future?

20. Are you willing to restore your integrity and be truthful about it?

Questions About Being Coached:
* What are the top 5 opportunities in your life that are you leaving on the table?
* How might you sabotage your personal or professional relationships?
* How have you motivated yourself in the past to reach various difficult goals or made difficult decisions? How can you utilize that motivation now?
* How would you do things differently if you’re willing to let it be easier?
* How would you feel if you showed up 10 times more prepared or bolder this week in every area of your life?
* List the ten things that you tolerate or put up with right now, that is preventing you from performing at your best level?

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