How To Promote Your Freelance Writing Business and Get Clients By Article Marketing

We’ve all heard that the doers of this world, just “Do”, they get it done. And those who can’t “Do”, they teach how its done. Those who cant teach, well, they write. So if you write, you will need an audience and clients for your freelance writing business career. If you can write pretty and properly, but if no one ever reads you, you will not survive.

If you write in your spare time, and consider it just a hobby, then you can take the slow leisurely approach to getting writing jobs here and there. But if you consider writing as a full time business, you will need a strategy to get clients.

So if you are interested in getting paying clients to buy your writing, here are a few steps you may want to implement. Take these steps to the best of your ability for the best results.

Decide Your Target Market Audience
Your “target market” is the fine folks who may be interested in buying what you write. As an example, if you want to write say for a magazine, that would be your target audience, but that’s obviously too vague and too broad of a range. You will have to narrow your target audience down as much as possible – to say “Golfing Magazines”.

If you are wanting to write for clients on the internet, you will have to narrow your target audience niche to say: “Gaming Electronics Review Sites” or to “Businesses in your area which presently don’t have a Web site.” etc.

Create A Marketing Plan For That Audience
You would need to create a marketing plan catering to that audience. Write down a specific strategic outline that you will need to take to achieve that goal.

The marketing plan would include not only a plan of action, but also the estimated capital you will initially need to invest over a year, as well as the profits you will likely earn.

Get A Domain Name and Create A Web Site

Today, your Web site offering your service is the primary focus of your freelance writing marketing plan. A website is the Number 1 essential tool to market your writing chops and further advancing your writing career.

Once upon a time, you would type out manuscripts or reports on an old clunker of an IBM Selectric portable typewriter. You would then be mailing out these manuscripts and reports by the armful to the various publishers, spending a ton on postage cost that what you could not afford or earn for your efforts.

If you do not have a website, then get one, ASAP. The most effective is a WordPress blog. They are affordable, as in free, easy to use and professional. A blog these days does not have to look like a blog. If you already have a site, then pay close attention to it, learn how to fully optimize and market it. Your website site is your 24 hour hired sales person for your writing.

Develop A Niche Or Specialty
Try to specialize in a unique, specialized niche. Your potential clients are always looking for specific writers who are experts in certain niche topics. Whether it be say… computers or technology, gaming or gardening.

You can obviously specialize in an area which appeals and thus has interest to you. So make sure you develop a specialty niche of some kind.

It May Take Some Time So… Be Patient
Think of your freelance writing career as a long term business. Set your sights on where you want your freelance writing to be in say three to five years. Each and every word that you write today gets you closer to your future success, so make every word count.

If you are completely new to writing, these steps may or may not make that much sense to you right now. So just complete and do as many steps as you can. Every word that you write today, can be seen as experiential: you will learn by doing. So as you write and write, the reasons you are following these steps will become a lot more clear to you.

If you are already an established writer, using these steps can help in achieving further success – so try to follow them, and hopefully your freelance writing business and career will thrive beyond what you’ve ever expected. Answered "What Causes Me To Be Sick?" I Felt Better.. Well, Sort Of
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