How To Paint The Exterior Of Your House – Step 1: Hire College Pro Painters

Well, Ok then, here’s a new concept, support the economic welfare of up and coming dedicated college students from your local area and get the Number 1 home improvement – “To Do” thing on your list done, which is “Paint Your House”. You can do so by hiring these college students working their way through school to professionally paint your house for a fraction of the price. This was the original concept of the student founders of “College Pro Painters”. So instead of the potential burden of heavy student debt, they decided to work, earn money and pay their way through college. Well, it turned out to be a huge success.

So what is so great about “College Pro Painters” is that it is operated by local college students. These college students that are working for College Pro Painters has so far successfully painted over 30,000 homes throughout North America. They operate their services in 29 U.S States and 7 Canadian Provinces.

You Say What? You Want To Paint Your House Yourself. Well Be My Guest,
Go Ahead, Here Are The Directions…

The most important thing when it comes to painting your house is the pre-paint preparation work and the type of house paint to use. Exterior house paints are made up of three components: Binders, Medium and Pigments. The various paint manufacturers also add ingredients to enhance their paint to avoid fade-resistance, mold resistance, mildew, pest-resistance, and paint longevity. The pigmentations gives the paint its unique color, while the binders, stick the paint on the surface and the “medium” is what the pigment and binders are mixed together with to form a liquid.

The Different Types of Exterior House Paint
There are two types of exterior house paints, they are determined by the type of medium used: water-base or oil-base. Water base exterior house paint uses water s its base to mix with the binders………bla bla bla bla bla….

My gosh, got a headache yet? Get your house painted by “College Pro Painters, get it done professionally, avoid the hassle and help support the students who are dedicated to educate themselves for a better life.

Hiring a Painting Contractor from “College Pro Painters” achieves 2 things. First, it beautifies your home with a fresh coat of paint, making your house a lot more beautiful while increasing its value while avoiding the stress and the hard work involved. Secondly, you as a good home owner, neighbor and citizen helps in playing a significant role in supporting local young people in the crucial developmental parts of their lives by teaching them and passing along valuable life skills and lessons as a result of your support.

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