How To Make Life Altering Choices By Using Destiny And Freewill

howtoknowourdestinyWhy do people experience major trauma in their lives, and then feel like they’re wandering off their life path. Once losing a soul mate or a loved one, they then begin to believe that they’re cursed, that bad luck follows them around, not allowing them to go forward because of the hands of fate.

To understand why individuals need to experience such trauma, the big picture, their destiny, Karma, their life purpose needs to be looked at. Know that the biggest secret is that the universe already has a purpose for you.

No one’s here right now by accident, we all have a specific path laid out for us, and we will walk that path regardless. No life is pointless, it’s all about learning, progression, and succession to a higher level. Some claim it even transcends one physical lifetime into another, this since the soul returns to refine its progression.

This happens to be our Karma, the plan of our lives, the good and the bad, the path that we’re destined to tread. Whenever we can tune into that Karma, what we find is the purpose and the reasons, the lessons, and ultimately our destiny.

To Free Ourselves
Some wonder when they’ll meet their soul mate, they also have to be movie star attractive, either model pretty or ruggedly handsome, and this before Valentines Day please, that would be great, Thank You.

Know that these are those who’ll marry into misery, marry the wrong person and are unable to move on with their lives because of their commitments.

Then there are those individuals who expect the universe to deliver absolutely everything at their feet, get everything that they want without having to do any work. Also realize that this fantasy doesn’t exist.

Our Destiny And Freewill
Consider our destiny to be a road map through a maze. It represents all of the ups and downs, the challenges and rewards, that every individual who we meet is for a reason, this to bring either joy or conflict.

Within this maze, what we have is our freewill, we do what we want, it’s ultimately our choice if we go forward, backwards, turn left or turn right.

We envision that life is freewill. After all, we choose what we eat, wear, marry, live. However, our destiny and freewill are intertwined by the fact of our very existence, within the framework of the maze, karma, the framework which is our birth and to our death, is already determined.

If we’re meant to pass a certain predestined event, we will. We can attempt to avoid it temporarily by making a left turn, this because of our freewill, but eventually, we’ll just arrive at that same junction, while going around in circles and wasting time. But all’s not lost since we’ve learned something valuable.

This going astray could be wanting to control others, or it could be doubt, or fear, but ultimately we can’t avoid our destiny. It’s our freewill that allows us to take a straight path, or a longer one.

So it just comes down to timing, our stubbornness, arrogance or ego which prolongs it, but know that the final event is predestined.

You And Your Freewill
The universe doesn’t care what you eat, or wear, it’s our freewill to do so, which route we take, the timing is in your hands. All that it cares about is the ultimate outcome.

For instance, everyone thinks that they have a soul mate, and wondering when they’ll show up or return. But what they’re doing is getting lost in their own maze, so realize that resistance is futile, if they wait for that person to come to them, they’ll just wait.

How long will that take, how long are they expecting to wait. What they think is they’ll eventually come their way, they have to, and it’s that nagging voice in their head that’s telling them.

It’s their “guides” which are telling them that it’s something that has to happen, that it’s unavoidable. The lesson here is not being patient, but having faith. Know that things which will happen, eventually will.

Don’t become a slave to its timing, walk down your own path since there’s other things you need to solve, other things you need to encounter along the way. But ultimately, freewill can’t overcome destiny, it just delays it.

What everyone needs to realize is that there’s life lessons to learn before they’re able to move forward, and this they will, the universe has much more control over you than you think.

It Is What It Is
Our ultimate goal is transcending our fears and doubts, relinquishing control, opening ourselves up to opportunity, being prepared to follow the path wherever it may lead us.

Most often, we as humans want our path to be a straight A to B line, from where we start to where we finish. But realize there will be twists and turns, challenges, unexpected events, and unexpected rewards.

So use your instincts, your intuition and emotions. Be true to yourself and you’ll eventually be guided down the right path. Psychics claim this is where they can help you, this because their gift sees your road ahead, and they can point you in the right direction.

If you make a decision on instinct and feel good about it, but it went all wrong, then realize that its a challenge, a lesson, something that you need to go through to get what you want.

Your destiny is always reaching out to you, to your instincts at all times, and it’s never wrong. So listen to those instincts, and prepare to take what life deals your way.

Be brave, have faith, walk the path, follow it. It’s your destiny calling, there will be bumps and bruises along the way, but you’ll eventually get to where you’re going every time.

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