How To Effectively Balance Your Work Life And Mind

why you should balance your work and lifeIt’s most likely been a life long struggle to attempt a true balance between your body and mind, work and leisure, and for some, yin-yang. There are others, however, who may be wondering why they even need a work life balance.

These are the individuals who has come to resent this need for “balance” since what it implies is that once they overachieve and excel at whatever they’re doing, it’s then considered unhealthy for them, and that they should be changing their ways.

Why they ask should they be feeling guilty about they not wanting to go see a therapist, or hum in group unison, when they would rather be doing something that they love to do.

They’ll tell you that attempting to force themselves to balance out their lives and their activities will leave them feeling a little overwhelmed regarding themselves, rather than being refreshed.

Why The Need For This Work And Life Balance
The most common attribute when it comes to these individuals who dismisses the notion of they needing to balance their work and life, is the level of passion and dedication that they have for their work.

They all find that their work gives them a stronger sense of purpose as well as satisfaction which is a result of their contribution, so because of this, they’ll happily work from early in the morning until late at night.

Even if they do schedule some leisure time for themselves to relax, or to spend time quality time with family and friends, they still don’t view the need or necessity to balance out their schedules.

Some will claim that they’ve felt completely lost in their lives until they found this job of their passion, which they feel is their true calling, and are able to commit their time to.

During the down times when these individuals aren’t working, they’re constantly thinking about how to improve their work, raise funds, or generate more revenue.

Before these individuals found this ultimate love for their work, they would usually spend more time with their friends, or spent too much time on leisure activities, and would then squander the weekend recovering.

Although these self proclaimed workaholics will continue to spend time with their closest friends, and will visit their family on special occasion and holidays, they ultimately love their work first. These are the individuals who are out of balance but completely happy.

Why The Need For Balance
So instead of attempting to balance out your work and life activities, what needs to be balanced instead is the mind and body. This so you can continue to be happy with your obsession for work, provided that you don’t endanger yourself into physical or mental fatigue.

So listed are some tips on maintaining this balance without needing to balance out work and life. This in order to sustain an active healthy mind, while continuing to passionately do what you love to do.

Keep Your Body As Healthy As Possible – If you’re wanting to maintain a long consistent work schedule, then what you need to do is keep your body, health wise, in the best working condition as possible.

So make sure that you routinely schedule time to exercise on a daily basis, so you won’t end up scrambling during the day and then not finding the time for the gym, or a jog.

Make sure you also eat as healthy as possible instead of grabbing whatever you can, and then wolfing it down during quick breaks when time permits. Make sure that you sleep at least 7 to 9 hours per night, so you don’t begin to wear yourself out too thin.

Make Sure You Maintain Social Bonds – Regardless if you think that you don’t need help from anyone, the human condition dictates that you fulfill yourself with basic social needs.

This could be either connecting with your closest friends or family, preferably both, as you need a few significant human bonding relationships where you can be with someone while you’re not working.

So enjoy going to the movies once a week, for instance, and then discussing it over a drink later, taking walks in the park, eating meals together, or going for workouts, as any of these social connections that you do, keeps your mind active and healthy.

Track The World Revolving Around You – It’s usually someone that you know who will tell you you’re too disconnected and disjointed and need to balance your life out more.

It could be your massage therapist who may prescribe that you to enjoy the fresh air more on a daily basis, along with appreciating the trees and the wildlife around you. Once you do get reconnected with nature, that’s when you begin reconnecting with your soul.

The Work Mind Life Balance
The best feature of these tips is that you’re able to combine them together. For instance, you can plan on going for walks in the park with your friends or family, enjoying their company as much as you need the sun and nature.

Then if you find yourself working late and catching up on paperwork while you were out enjoying yourself, then make sure that you get adequate sleep, allowing yourself to be “raring to go” once you wake up, excited about your work.

Make sure that you balance your body and your mind, especially if you’re unable to balance your work. Do so by exercising, spending time with those you love, and taking the time to going out and connecting with nature.

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