How To Become The Chief Directive Of Your Own Happiness

how to direct your own happinessIt’s believed that everyone wants to be happy, or happier, even those who may be in a fog of self pity or absorption. It’s our primal desire to find more unconditional bliss and joy in our lives, to have a better life.

It all begins with gratitude and displaying empathy. As individuals, what we have is a tendency to think of ourselves first, as independent “me first” individuals. This thought pattern begins as children and some never out grow it.

But nothing could be more removed from that. We are not our own island, we depend upon each and every individual that we come across as well as the vast world that’s around us for dependency.

We offer our thanks towards the food that we eat, the quality of the air that we breathe, our paternal parents, the teachers who educate us, our employers who pay us, the medical community who looks after our health and welfare.

What we should all become is more grateful, to extend a simple thank you, while acknowledging our mistakes, and not get petty. To make our words along with our actions justify themselves. It’s not about you, you’re not that important.

Don’t Ever Give Up
Which is the primary division of those who are successful and an omission of those who fail. It’s not if they’ve stumbled and have fallen, as everyone does on occasion, but it’s how many times they had the willpower to get up again and then kept going.

As you negotiate the various obstacles which inevitably appears directly in your path, you’ll need to alter your course and at times change your destination on the fly. But if you decide to quit, then that ends things right there, sound familiar?

Always Be There Always Show Up
It’s basic physics that anything which remains stagnant, stays still, will remain there, while things which are in constant motion will continue to get better or worse. If you’re wanting to get somewhere in life, then waiting for someone to help you isn’t the answer.

What life tends to do is reward those who takes action, a calculated risk, and takes responsibility. If you’re continuously sitting at home and just watching reruns, you won’t ever discover new opportunities or new people.

Forgive And Forget All Your Mistakes
Regardless of whatever mark or achievement that you’re aiming towards in your personal or professional life, for the majority of the time, you’re going to miss the mark, the attempt.

What most people fail to do is learn from their mistakes and then try again from a different perspective. Even if you “missed” recently, what this moment presents is another opportunity to be who you want to be. Just prove that you can improve.

Always Make Time For A Break
What research has proven is that regardless of what you’re doing, such as an intense project at work, studying for an exam, attempting to lose weight or get fit, you’ll always achieve better results much quicker if you concentrate on burst of intense focus, then having periods of deserved rest.

So don’t push yourself to the brink of mental torture by pressing too hard. Make sure that you inhale and then exhale your life. Everyone needs periods of rest every once in a while after hard productive work.

Make Sure That You Leave A Dent
Most experts claim that all the world does is it just repeats itself, that there’s nothing new under the sun. We live in a world of copy cats and mass production.

Those people who dare to take the initiative to stand out, be creative, to be unique are few and far between. Experts claim that only those who are truly happy are those who have found or sought a way to serve. So take a look around and see whatever that needs to get done, then get to work.

Always Give Your Unconditional Love
Giving and receiving love isn’t the ultimate end, but it’s recognized as something that you certainly need. At its basic core, its heart, love is more about a discipline which involves paying more strict attention towards others as well as the world around us.

Knowing that others depend on you, just as you depend on them for support. We constantly reside at the intersection where the past meets the present, which decides the future, so make sure that you greet each new moment with open arms and an open heart.

Stop Those Annoying Old Habits
This since our brain can recognize patterns, so as a result, we find it extremely difficult to break any entrenched patterns, habits, especially once our brains begins to connect destructive behavior with pleasure.

But know that any pattern of behavior, good or bad, can be an inclination, and may not be a necessity. You can easily break a bad habit if you show that you have the courage to do so, to move on, to turn the page and then begin a new chapter. Take baby steps, start small, set achievable goals and make it a commitment.

Beginning New Things
With just a few minor tweaks, variations and twists, the majority of what we do each day, especially the work week and each week thereafter, is it emulates itself. Whatever it was that we did yesterday, becomes routine as it was the day before.

Routine is important for many of us in our lives, but it can also tie us back and blind us to discovering new possibilities for growth. So decide to do something that’s new today, break the mold.

If your life has become too stale, routine, and boring, and if you continue to keep doing the same things over and over again, then your life is just spinning sideways. So have the courage to find a new trail to your own happiness.

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