How The Benefits Of Negative Ions Can Be A Positives Step In Your Life

naturalnegativeionsfromoutdoorsFirst of all, what is a negative ion. Anything that’s negative is bad for you right? Negative Ions, which are also referred to as anions, are particles which contain at a minimum, one extra electron. That’s the boring scientific term. What also happens is that this particular particle has a negative ion charge.

For decades now, researchers have conducted experiments to naturally cure maladies such as: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), allergies, depression and asthma, with the potential healing properties of negative ions.

While the results may have been a little inconclusive, there’s also been renewed interest of negative ions to be a simple as well as inexpensive solution to kill surface bacteria and airborne infections which has activated new research efforts.

Early Negative Ion Research
Researchers for the past 50 or so years have been conducting studies on the biological as well as the psychological impact that negative ions have on humans as well as animals. The researchers have demonstrated that negative along with positive ions actually accelerated or decelerated the elimination of Staphylococci cells, or Staph infection, in clean air.

There were further studies which resulted in both negative and positive ions were able to slow the growth of bacteria and fungi which were resident in water, both on solid surfaces and in the air. What the negative ions exhibited was a direct and lethal elimination effect on the bacteria.

Exterior Outdoor Sources Of Negative Ions
In certain natural outdoor environments, such as rain, waterfalls and beaches, mountain tops and deep forests, all contain a lot more negative ions than does any artificial indoor environment.

These negative ions are created naturally when there’s movement of pure air, water, or sunlight, and as a result, radiation breaks apart the air molecules. Negative ions will gain one or more electrons, which then becomes negatively charged. Positive ions will lose one or more electrons, becoming positively charged.

This is the reason why most will report feeling a lot better directly after a sudden spring thunderstorm or a walk after a rainfall when the air is still pure and charged with negative ions.

Interior Sources Of Negative Ions
Negative ions can be generated by air ionizers, known as negative ion generators. These devices will use high-voltage currents so they can electrically ionize air molecules.

These air ionizers are commonly used in homes as well as industrial or institutional settings like hospitals. Because of the recent outbreaks and epidemics such as SARS, there has been consumer orientated products which has been developed which are negative ion generators. Such products include appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, toothbrushes and even ion friendly laptop computers.

Can Negative Ions Cure Or Heal
There really isn’t any scientific backing on why you’ll feel better and refreshed when you’re outside taking a walk or when you go for a run. These ideal natural environments are charged with thousands of flowing negative ions. This is in direct contrast with the typical home or office where the positive “ion” registers are just in the dozens or even a times flat zero.

All of the power sucking electronics such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, as well as the acid-forming highly processed foods that we consume, all will emit a positive ion charge.

These technological devices although wonderful to use, creates a cloud of unseen electrical smog which affects our thinking, leading us to bad moods, headaches and general restlessness.

These positively charged ions which are in our homes stick to and interfere with the negative ions which are circulating your body. This in effect reduces the body’s natural overall ideal negative charge.

Benefits Of Negative Ions
When you activate or there’s and increase of negative ions, what it does is it repels the unwanted positive ions, bringing your body into a state of homeostasis. A body that’s in complete balance with itself develops the capacity to be able to heal itself.

Negative Ions has proven to be valuable in the following areas:
• Effectively discharges energy blockages in the body
• Clears out the distortions which are present in our bio energetic fields
• Facilitates the body so it can heal itself
• Energizes the foods and the liquids that we consume increasing their potency
• Balances as well as energizes the imbalances in our bodies
• Directly energizes the immediate environment

There has been countless arguments among the scientific community whether negative ions actually effect our moods or improves our lives, or is it actually just the environment along with the surroundings which causes the improvements.

There’s seemingly no end to this debate, but what we’re all looking for is serenity and better overall health in our lives, and most are willing to give something like this a try.

The best way to create your own natural negative ion surrounding is to take a shower. Next time you do so, place your head under the stream of water from the shower head and place your hand directly over your nose and mouth and breath.

Continue on taking deep breaths filling your lungs. This is pure negative ion infused oxygen at its best that you’re breathing in. There’s a reason why you feel a lot better and energized once you take a shower, and it’s not because you’re cleaner.

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