How Proper Breathing Techniques Can Reactivate Your Energy

how proper breathing impacts your healthWhat we’re constantly doing is looking for ways to reawaken that boundless energy we once had as children, that endless hyper spunk of life. What it comes down to is how we breath, as every single breath that we take purifies, energizes, and revitalizes every cell in our body with energy.

There are clinical studies which support what Eastern based traditions has known for centuries, and that’s every time that we breathe, what we’re doing is granting our body, mind, and soul optimal health and well-being.

The instance that we’re born, the very first instinct that we do is gasp for air, to intake oxygen. Then every cell in our body becomes activated, energized with every new forward breath we consume. But what we as adults gradually lose is this relentless motivation that we once had.

What eventually develops are poor breathing patterns. Since breathing isn’t an educational activity that we’re taught, to reclaim our youthful energy, what’s required is our conscious awareness.

Breathing A Natural Instinct
Breathing is a natural involuntary duty which any living creature does for its basic survival. This oxygen flows through every cell of the body without force, this autonomy of breathing allows us to grow.

Then because of the hazards of life, we begin to unconsciously hold or restrict our breathing under certain situations, becoming distorted. But however we breath allows us to survive yet another day, just not at our peak maximum.

As adults, we’re constantly and desperately looking for ways to revitalize our energy. We consume coffee, alcohol, sugar, nicotine, vitamins, and other obsessions, wanting to reactivate ourselves, but usually leaves us depleted instead.

What we don’t realize is that there’s easier ways to recover this energy naturally, which remains dormant somewhere within us, the same unconditional breathing patterns we had as children.

A Breath Of Life
What breathing does is it affects our respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular, and psychic systems, which influences the quality of our memory, sleep, concentration, and energy.

The correlation between the state of our body, mind, and breathing has been associated for thousands of years from the medical practices of China and India (Ayurveda). Throughout their history, breathing has always been considered inseparable from our spirit, health, and our consciousness.

Breathing is the most readily accessible action for purifying and revitalizing the body. The very nature of breathing reveals how one relates oneself to the world.

If the breathing happens to be shallow, the body’s vital systems are functioning minimally. If the breathing is long and deep, then the respiratory system is functioning at its maximum, providing oxygenation to all the cells of the body.

Knowing How We Breathe
The very nature of breathing is a rewarding process for everyone. This essential breathing lies in our unconscious involuntary state, and can be aided, controlled, and regulated through forms such as yoga and other healing systems.

What’s closely correlated is the physiology and the psychology of breathing behavior, as breathing plays a major part in determining how we feel on a daily basis.

What proper breathing does is it increases the amount of oxygenated red blood cells while discharging a waste product known as carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide isn’t eliminated through proper respiration, it then converts itself into carbonic acid.

The accumulating carbonic acid then needs to be filtered out by the kidneys, which is the body’s natural source of energy. Although we pay little attention to this, we’ll suffer its consequences every time that we begin feeling tired, anxious, irritated, which slows down our daily activities.

Learning To Breathe Properly
With a bit of conscious effort, we can learn to breath better. We need to be aware of our exact breathing process, making the unconscious reaction conscious.

The first step is taking a self diagnosis. In your attempts to free up and improve your breathing, what you need is to increase the tension of your breathing.

Observing “Essential” Breathing – Sit comfortably and observe your breathing pattern without altering or changing it in any way. Allow your breath to do what it does. Then slowly pay attention to how you exhale, allowing your awareness to travel down your exhalation path.

Enjoy the sensation. Experience the pause which occurs at the end of the exhalation. Stay relaxed and allow it to happen. Trust that the next breath will happen without you needing to reach for it.

Taking Longer Deeper Breaths – This is the core technique when developing breathing awareness, which balances the meridian pathways, the emotions, and the endocrine system. Begin by inhaling deeply into the abdomen and the diaphragm, and then finally into the chest.

Hold the breath for a few seconds without pressure and then exhale out slowly. Consciously breathe as smoothly as possible, deeply and gradually, concentrating on making each breath complete.

Hara Breathing Technique – The Hara is an important energy center which is located approximately three finger widths below the navel, which is also known as the “Sea of Energy.”

What this technique does is it nourishes the internal organs, giving the body additional endurance and power, which strengthens the general condition of the body.

Concentrate on this area while breathing deeply and directly into the lower abdomen. Allow your stomach to come out as you inhale. Feel the breathing to become expanded into the depths of the stomach, exhale, draw the belly in, then visualize the energy circulating throughout the body.

Every Breath You Take
Breathing is the elixir of life, proper breathing is a vital resource that’s available to you. Know that every time you begin feeling confused, tired, stressed, or hurried, you can return to the sanctuary that’s better breathing.

You can replenish and relax yourself by entering the pause once your exhalations end. Rest in the nurture along with the care that’s provided for you, this within the solace of your essential breathing technique.

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