Hoping For Better Change In Your New Year Resolutions

writingdownyourNewYearResolutionsThe New Year is all about change, it holds a significance which means more than just the flipping of the calender month to a New Year. It strangle holds the potential, the possibilities and the purpose of moving life forward.

As the end of the year approaches, it leaves absolutely no one behind. You suddenly find yourself occupied and engulfed with all your “to-do” lists. Things you need to clean, to purchase, to cook, to contact. Relatives from all corners are pouring in to contact you as the world’s largest spiritual holiday’s collide, the feeling of enlightenment and change becomes almost surreal.

The houses, whether putting up the tree with all the lights, stringing Christmas cards together, we all begin to consume and then devour in all that’s good, until it’s all gone.

It’s the time of year when like most others, you mentally begin to tick off the days until it’s finally the New Year, and then you begin thinking of the resolutions. You begin listing yours, your most popular top ten need to do list of improving your life or others around you.

We all long to be and do yet better, especially at this time of year. We strive to be kinder and gentler to our families, quietly promising to spend more time with them.

When the New Year arrives, we’re wanting to learn new things, make new friends, travel to exciting exotic locations. We’re wanting to exercise more, stress a little less, and attempt to get out of debt.

We’re wanting to donate to the local pet shelter, go to the beach in January, climb a mountain, while offering more hope while smiling to complete strangers. You promise to give unconditional undivided love to all those around you while judging them less.

There are those right now who are writing down these universally similar resolutions, the various lists which are scribbled down in a notebook, or on a napkin, authored by your sister, your neighbor, or your spouse. It could even be you.

Each and every one of your busy and stressful days, when you’re desperate for time, keep in mind that it’s just a small sample slice of life. The same time that it takes to spot your friend on a busy sidewalk or in a crowded restaurant.

So just stop and offer someone, even a complete stranger, a moment of thought and compassionate to their lives, for their better health and their happiness. They are living in their own private unique world and are taking the time to briefly intersect with yours.

So as you begin to consider the New Year ahead, as you ponder on your own accomplishments and contemplate your place in it, you also consider your potential reachable resolutions.

Keeping Up The Hope
The average New Year’s resolution is promptly abandoned before the “blues” of the Christmas credit card bills arrive. The holidays become a distant rumor and you wonder to yourself, what the heck was I thinking?

Resolution’s are usually difficult to carry out as you’re always wanting to change a behavior, or a vice, which is hard to do. They end up just being an expression of changing your life in a time of hope.

So grasp on to that hope and try to take it a step further. The New Year offers the opportunity to revel in gratitude and anticipation. Once you imagine the potential of the best possible you, try your best to change your future for the better.

• Begin by listing all of your favorite memories as well as triumphs of the previous year, including all of the surprises, the moments of pleasure, and all of the challenges which you faced with complete courage, even if things didn’t turn out as planned.

• Allow yourself to imagine any future events or experiences which will bring you success, pleasure or satisfaction. Compile a list of the one’s which are the most achievable and you can look forward to in the next year. Think and begin small and be predictable, but nevertheless make it enjoyable. Also dream big and work towards what you really want to accomplish, like making plans on that trip that you always wanted to take.

• Make a list of people and places, along with all the experiences which you are grateful for when heading into the New Year. Pick out a few which you’re wanting to give yourself full permission to pursue and enjoy more thoroughly. This could be anything from spending more time on your favorite activity or taking the time to savor your accomplishments.

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