God Is In The Details… or The Long Tail – A Book By Chris Anderson

So went to bookstore the other day, sat down and quickly skimmed Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail”. A book describing the climate and the trend of the marketing world as we know it, and how it is being influenced by the internet. It has been said that god is in the details. After a quick run through the book, realized that god is the internet.

Chris Anderson speaks of a market and society which is continuously being broken down and refined into smaller and smaller bits. Where niches are shattered into yet smaller niches. Where big box businesses can no longer compete as they are too bulky for refinement. They are the modern day, gray steel dinosaur. They are running in one direction and they cannot stop or slow down or refuse to adjust to the finer details the world now demands. The geek shall inherit the earth.

The internet is an infinite entity and it cannot reverse itself. Forward motion is all it knows. Its only option is to break down information in greater specific detail. Offering minuscule niches based on niches of niches and they are appearing on a daily basis. Specialization and exact pinpoint knowledge is the demand of the internet user.

The internet is in the final phases of completely transforming how we conduct our thinking process. The internet using reverse engineering offers exactly what information we are searching for. God in his infinite wisdom has converted his knowledge and has called it the internet.

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